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Episode Recap: Paranormal Politics


Two investigations tonight, one of which includes the ghost of a dead Louisiana congressman. This is going to be good!

Employees at the Old State Capital Building in Baton Rouge, Louisiana are tired of encountering spirits and have asked TAPS to check out the activity like shadows, noises and voices.  Many suspect the soul of Pierre Couvillan, who died in the building after a heated debate over gambling. Tom Clarke, the client and distant relative of congressman Couvillan, has been physically bumped by an invisible entity. Also, the building was once a prison for Union soldiers during the Civil War so those spirits could well be present too. 

Steve and Jay aren't 10 seconds into the investigation when a door slams and they hear footsteps running away from them! They capture footsteps on the recorder as well! Meanwhile, Amy and Adam play blackjack even though they don't know how, in hopes of drawing out Couvillan. They get a series of noises in response, so the strategy worked!  Then the two see a shadow move across the doorway in the basement and hear a voice. This place is actually a little scary!  

STOP: All teams hear a crazy squealing sound at the same time! What was that?!  

At the end of the investigation, the team has lots of personal activity and recorded evidence of the paranormal. They cannot confirm that it's Couvillan, but at least the employees know they're not crazy!

Next, the Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, S.C. is one of the most haunted locations in the country. The team has been asked to determine if the paranormal activity on the plantation are the ghosts of the Drayton Family, which has owned the property since the 1600s.  One distant uncle was accidentally shot while hunting and died on the front porch- could it be him?
People have seen an apparition and a one-handed broken clock has suddenly chimed for no reason.  Hopefully, the team can offer scientific evidence to back the claims. And if they are able to find evidence, Taylor Drayton will be very pleased.  

By the way, look out for alligators feeding at night…because ghosts aren't frightening enough. The team has plenty of personal experiences including a coughing noise and a voice caught on Steve and Jason's recorder.  While Jason brings the recorder to the van for analysis, Steve hears strange shuffling noises.  Amy and Adam hear a piano playing and a little girl's voice. 

Later the guys hear music, but can't figure out where it's coming from.  Then BAM the curtains fall on Steve's head!! Cue the impromptu golf cart race to blow off some steam at the end of the night!  It's good to see the team having a good laugh!

A strong investigation, with positive results, which is the best result TAPS can offer.  Good work!