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Episode Recap: 200th Episode: Grant Is Back


Are you sitting down? Because there is some BIG stuff going on tonight! It's the 200th episode of Ghost Hunters and the team is going all out to celebrate.

First, they are going back to one of their favorite haunts of all time- the Trans Allegheny Insane Asylum in West Virginia. Remember this place? It's where investigators were dragged into rooms, and shadow figures hid in corners. It could possibly be the most haunted place in America.

Second, the asylum is so big and this night so important that the team is bringing on some familiar faces to help out. First, there's Joe Chin! Then Dustin Pari! Then…then…it's GRANT! Yes! Grant is back for just this night to be with all his old friends.

Since T.A.P.S. investigated the Trans Allegheny Insane Asylum in 2008, the folks who are renovating the asylum have been careful to respect the spirits roaming the halls as Grant had instructed. They have also been learning more about the spirits.  Client Rebecca Jordan Gleason tells Jason, Grant and Steve that they have identified three of their ghosts as Jesse, Jane and Jacob- all former asylum patients. The activity from these three and other spirits has been on the rise, and people are still getting touched, hearing voices and seeing apparitions.

The investigation does not disappoint! The team has some incredible experiences: Grant, Amy and Adam hear a folding chair crash against the floor- and in the next room they find the exact chair they heard! Something creepy touches Amy's hair, while Jason and Steve are captivated by a strange mist, then there's the usual banging noises and voices.  While examining documents, Joe Chin feels someone- or something- pull on his shoulder.

What's incredible is the evidence caught on the DVR! Video footage of the moment when Joe got touched shows the papers he was looking at actually move across the table. It's shocking! Even more insane (no pun intended) is that when Steve and Jason show the footage to Rebecca, she spots the face of a ghost in the background! It's a familiar face she sees all the time, she says. Steve and Jason are not prepared to declare that the face is a ghost- the image isn't clear enough. But they can all agree that this asylum is crazy haunted.

What a night!