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Episode Recap: A Textbook Case


A school and a jail! Both locations are as haunted as could be and both needing the Ghost Hunters to put some minds at ease!

First the team heads to New Jersey to the abandoned Elizabeth V. Edwards elementary school. Though the school has been empty since the beginning of the century, it appears Mrs. Edwards does not want to leave. Workers have seen her floating down the hall and a group of kids caught illegally on the property told the authorities that "the woman in blue" let them in. Funny, the portrait of Mrs. Edwards has her in a blue dress!

Other claims in the building are that the ghost of the former building janitor plays music in the basement. Light bulbs glow upstairs even though all the bulbs have been removed, and there are voices heard and shadow figures seen throughout the building. The director of security, Bill Cox, wishes he could renovate the structure for public use. But with the ghosts floating around people are too afraid to come in!

The team does a good job of debunking some of the apparitions by noting the layers of dust are creating the illusion of "beings". But there's no debunking the video footage of a stack of photos being lifted from a table and then dropped on the ground. That's just a freaky occurrence that can't be explained away!  SCARY!

The strangest incident takes place when Steve and Jason head upstairs and are overcome by the smell of chocolate.  They bring in Tango to verify it, and he smells it too! Amazing! During the analysis the team uncovers voices and what appears to be someone mocking Jason when he shushes Steve.  So yeah, there is activity in the school, but nothing threatening so the team advises that they go on with the renovations. What a great investigation!

Next, the team investigates the Old Clay County Courthouse and Jail, where there are three buildings that locals believe are haunted by the ghost of a prisoner who was hanged and a sheriff who was shot on the job. Claims are that people are pushed, scratched and breathed on. People hear voices and see shadows and hear odd noises.

The team is quick to verify many of the claims- particularly the scratching! While in the jail, Amy got scratched and had deep red marks on her arm! That's frightening! Steve and Jason hear noises like a cardboard box being dragged across the floor.

The final analysis reveals great audio footage of voices, all lending support to the claims of paranormal activity- this is definitely a haunted location!