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Episode Recap: All Ghosts On Deck


Kentucky sure has its share of ghosts!  Tonight TAPS returns to the Bluegrass State to investigate The Belle of Louisville, the oldest operating steamboat in America. The beautiful and colorful exterior of this vessel isn't enough to cover up the ship's history of rumors, mystery and murder!

Captain Winters, the longtime head of the steamboat, was not a nice guy.  Apparently he sent one of his mates, Floyd, to the paddle wheel and then turned it on, killing Floyd!  Winters later died on the ship of a heart attack. 

Mark Doty, the current captain, is skeptical of paranormal claims.  But his crew has seen more than their share of activity.  Shadow figures, moving blue lights, voices, whispering, doors swinging and even a face-to-face encounter with the ghost of Captain Winters!  The crew is freaked out by the increasing intensity of the experiences, and suspect that the activity has moved to the neighboring lifesaving station as well.  Captain Doty would like TAPS to put his night watchmen at ease.

During the investigation, Britt and Michelle conclude that high EMF levels may be serving as a conduit for the spirits moving between the two ships.  Jason and Steve chase footsteps from the boiler room to the ballroom to the gangway, but can't find the source. A mysterious swinging door catches Tango and Michelle's attention, but it turns out the wind is the culprit. 

Jason and Steve continue to chase Floyd on the neighboring ship, but determine that the high EMF levels on that ship could be causing the crew to misguidedly perceive paranormal activity.  On the main deck, Britt and Adam see a large black shadow just where the ship crew claims to see figures, and they can't debunk it.  

Britt and Adam experience shuffling footsteps and flashing lights in the life saving station and continue to hear unusual noises.  In the captain's quarters, they have shocking conversation with Captain Winters.  Michelle and Britt then have a conversation with Floyd in the lifesaving station using a REM-pod.

While a lot of claims were debunked in this investigation, during the analysis the team discovers recording of voices that weren't detected. 

Great investigating once again!