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Episode Recap: An Officer and an Apparition


Welcome to the second half of season 9! To kick things off, the team rallies to the help a deceased officer find peace at the New Brunswick Old City Hall. Later, TAPS visits a worsted mill in an undisclosed location to investigate horrifying claims! But on the bright side, Tango's dad, Bruce, is coming along on this one! And Shawn Porter, a friend of Jason's, has set up a new 360 degree HD camera for the team.

A little background on the Old City Hall: in the 1890s, an officer named Robert Massey was murdered by a man he was taking into custody. People in the courthouse today believe it is his spirit that is causing all the activity they are experiencing, such as disembodied voices, full-bodied apparitions, chairs moving on their own and doors opening and closing. Workers in the courthouse are scared! And police chief Tobe Green is concerned that perhaps a fellow police officer is distraught on the other side and needs help.

Some fantastic evidence is caught, including banging noises in response to Bruce Tango asking for a sound.  Steve and Jason hear footsteps. Most amazingly, Amy and Adam have an hour-long conversation with a ghost using flashlights for yes and no. This ends up being the best experience Amy has had in years! It turns out, though, that the ghost they were speaking with was NOT officer Massey. Who could it be?

Though none of the captured evidence is surprising, Chief Green is comforted to know that a fellow man in blue is not in distress after all. Phew!

Next up the team treks to an old Worsted Mill that is experiencing such terrifying claims that the owners don't even want to tell people their location.  This old building was a textile factory in the 1900s, when there were no labor laws. Children as young as 5 were forced to work excruciating hours operating extremely unsafe equipment.

Given that history its not surprising that the people working in the building today are hearing screams, voices and strange noises. Women have been touched and feel like someone is watching them. A contractor, after seeing a full-bodied apparition, refuses to come back to work!

The team confirms some of those experiences- Britt and Sam hear a scream while Amy and Adam are brought to hysterics by the terrifying noises of some old machinery. Jason and his daughter Sam communicate with a ghost using a vibration machine. During the analysis, evidence is found of a voice saying either "save me" or "slavery". Either one is just plain creepy!

Still, there's no reason to suspect malicious intent, so Jason assures the factory owners that they are in no danger at all. What a relief!