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Episode Recap: Dead Presidents


Tonight's investigations have TAPS confronting the ghosts of dead Presidents!   First, the team investigates the Belle Grove Plantation in King George, Virginia, which is the birthplace of James Madison.  Then, they move to Jordan Springs in Winchester, Virginia.  The springs are believed to have healing powers that attracted many dignitaries, including Theodore Roosevelt!  Now the ghosts of dignitaries haunt both locations! 

James Madison wrote the constitution and was the fourth President of the U.S. and Belle Grove was his family's original homestead and they even have a cemetery on the premises.  Current owner Michelle Darnell has turned the location into an Inn, but is frightened by the solid entities, large looming shadows, a woman in a long white dress and a civil war soldier.  Claims also include moving orbs and voices. She has even seen the ghost of a galloping horse.  Michelle is uneasy and needs help!

During the investigation the team has experiences that match the claims.  Jason and Steve hear growling, Tango and Sam hear a whistling noise and the team agrees that there is SOMETHING going on in that basement!  The audio and video footage impress Michelle, but she is actually comforted by the news that Belle Grove is haunted because at least now she knows the ghosts have no malicious intent.

Moving on, the team heads to the creepy-looking Jordan Springs.  It's a spa, but it has also served as a hotel, a military hospital during the Civil War and a monastery for Catholic Monks.

Client John Rossi tells encounters with full-bodied apparitions, some in 19th century garb.  There are also orbs of light, shadow figures and doors opening and closing dramatically.  However, recent construction has caused the activity to turn malicious: people have been pushed and injured by these forces!  The owners are afraid and need help.

The gang is able to confirm some of John's suspicions, but was even better able to debunk claims.  They experience growling, scratching and whispering noises, but realize the door opening and closing is actually from a draft.   The audio clips of voices and unusual noises are compelling, but Jason stuns them all with footage of a shadow figure in the hallway that cannot be disputed!  The client is shocked, but Jason reassures him that there is really no reason to be afraid.

Great case!