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Episode Recap: Don't Forget About Us


Tonight, TAPS heads to the Octagon Museum in Franklin, Kentucky, where recent renovations have opened up PANDORA'S box of paranormal activity.  Later, the team heads to Memphis, Tennessee to check out the Woodruff-Fontaine House, which is haunted by its own tragic past.

Confederate Army sympathizer Andrew Jackson Cogwell built the Octagon Museum house.  He used his home to help soldiers hide from Union forces during the Civil War, but eventually the hidden tunnels and secret rooms were sealed.  Now, renovations have revealed the clandestine areas. With each revelation has come an increase in activity.  The house also was the site of many tragic deaths, including Andrew's wife and son who died of typhoid, and his young daughter Mary Elizabeth who died when her dress caught fire in the kitchen. 

Claims are of a child's apparition resembling Mary Elizabeth. And since the tunnels were opened, claims include objects flying through the air, shadows that hit people and a flowing mass that was captured on a nighttime camera. The staff is scared, and they need TAPS to help! 

During the investigation, Steve and Tango experience a door closing right before their eyes!  But shadows are discounted as the work of passing headlights as Amy and Adam debunk some of the claims.  An audio recording captures a woman's voice, and she appears to be in pain.  But the most compelling evidence is a man's voice recording that says, "Don't forget about us"!  Clearly, there are soldiers who want to be remembered lingering in the home. 

Next, the team heads to the Woodruff-Fontaine House in Memphis, where every year from August to November, the museum commemorates the tragic loss of life during a yellow fever epidemic. And every year at that time the paranormal activity spikes.  This is another house haunted by tragedy: Molly Woodruff lost two children and her husband in the home.  Later, when the Fontaines owned the house, three Fontaine sons perished in the building.  It is believed that one son, Elliot, is haunting the premises. 

Claims are of shadows and apparitions that resemble Elliot, ghosts pushing people and even walking through a woman- with witnesses!  The investigation backs many of the claims:  Jason is scratched in a manner that leaves marks on his arm for a few days.  Amy and Adam hear a voice during an EVP session and Adam is forcefully touched on his neck!  The personal experiences are shocking!

However, they are not malicious, report Jason and Steve.  Visitors to the museum should know that these ghosts are interested in being noticed and recognized.  They are not interested in terrorizing the living.  So there is no reason the two species cannot co-exist peacefully. 

Great investigations!