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Episode Recap: Family Plot


Lucas, Ohio was the site of a gruesome murder scene in the 1800s.  Young Celie Rose murdered her entire family with rat poison in a single night!

While the world saw her as a criminal, Mark Jordan believed that she was a victim in this case and wrote a play about her story.  Since the performances began, however, paranormal activity at The Celie Rose House and property has escalated.  Is it her ghost or the ghosts of her victims?  Or is it that all this negative energy has summoned other spirits?  Only TAPS can figure this out.

Claims are of a female apparition sitting in Celie's bedroom and woman dressed in white who smells like flowers has had conversations with children.  In the hostel that was once Celie's love interest's house, people have had their feet tickled, heard voices and seen shadows.  In the barn where the play is performed, cast members have been shoved on stage and lights turn on and off with no explanation. 

During the investigation Jason captures a photo of what appears to be an arm and a leg while in the hostel.  Amy and Adam encounter banging noises and a female voice in the theater that they just can't explain, and a DVR captures a girl's voice in the bedroom. But the worst part is that Amy's research uncovered the real tragedy behind the story of Celie Rose:  it wasn't her parents that put an end to her relationship with Guy, it was Guy himself!  All that murder- and she had the wrong victims.  No wonder she continues to haunt her old home.

The team stays in Lucas to investigate the Bromfield Estate, bought by the Pulitzer Prize winning author Louis Bromfield.  The family was greatly embarrassed by the mental illness of daughter Ann and would lock her away when guests came to visit.  The house also saw the death of Louis' wife, Mary in the downstairs bedroom.

Now, paranormal claims include the presence of Ann's ghost in her bedroom (which has a creepy energy) and the full-bodied apparition of Mr. Bromfield.  Some people report being touched while they were sleeping.  The staff at the house is on edge over the activity!

The investigation includes a good amount of debunking, but the team finds compelling evidence as well.  Amy and Adam had great success while playing the flashlight game in Ann's room and later review of the digital recordings capture a voice in the background.  Also, Britt captures a strange light phenomenon that he shares with the team.

The good news is that the spirits do not appear to have malicious intent.  So while Ann may have had a difficult life, she is not angry in her death