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Episode Recap: Ghost Friends Forever


In the 1800s, three people died within 16 hours of each other in the same bungalow. Since then the house has had nothing but tragedy- including a fire and a murder!  No wonder the current owner Amber Jones thinks it’s haunted and is afraid for her family! The good news is that TAPS is on the scene to investigate.

In Little Rock, Arkansas, Ed Cornish witnessed his wife and 2 children die in a single day. Then later, a nurse was shot in the house. And more recently, owner Bonny Wallace was murdered in the home. Her husband Paul died shortly afterwards and willed the house to Amber. But the shadow figures, faces and apparitions are freaking everyone out. 

The activity is spreading to Amber’s house next door. They suspect it may have come with some of the artifacts that she brought over that once belonged to her neighbors.

While investigating the bungalow, Amy gets dizzy while standing in the exact spot where Bonny was murdered. Adam at the same time gets a feeling of heaviness.  Then they hear noises when they start asking for Paul.  Overall, the two investigators are affected by the house in some way.

When the cameras are off for Amy to use the Bungalow restroom, she experiences a loud hissing sound that really shakes her up! Jason and Steve rush to investigate and can’t find any source of the noise. 

Later, Amy and Adam bring Amber into the main house with them and they play the music recorded earlier.  They immediately hear a voice, so they have Amber speak to Bonny and Paul.  They hear the door open, just as the client had reported. 

The team decides that Michelle should go in the bungalow by herself to see if she could draw out the spirits- only because the young girls that live there are the ones who have the most experiences.  She hears some noises, as if someone has come in the house with her!

Amy and Adam use the flashlights to get the ghosts to communicate, and it works! There seems to be a dark shadow moving behind it, but the camera didn’t catch it.   Michelle and Britt see a moving shadow in the living room. Then, as Britt is talking, Michelle sees a shadow moving behind him.

During analysis, Britt picks up audio footage that took place when the girls were playing their instruments BEFORE the investigation. There is also an audio file of a voice possibly saying her daughter’s name!

Jason reminds Amber that there’s nothing over there that she needs to fear, these entities haven’t proven themselves malicious.  Amber is disappointed, but she is comforted that there is nothing ominous in either house.