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Episode Recap: Hoover Damned


Tonight on Ghost Hunters, TAPS treks to Nevada to the Boulder City Hospital. Something just isn't right in that building, and the problems may go back to its interesting history.

The Hospital was built during the Great Depression to provide medical services to the men building the Hoover Dam.  Since these guys were working in dangerous conditions and extreme heat, injuries and deaths were plentiful—and all in the same hospital.

The hospital was closed in 1938 after the Dam was completed.  But in 2012 Mona Young decided to make the building a community center.  The problem is that the ghosts of the old hospital are scaring away visitors and employees!

Claims include strange moaning and groaning, as though someone is in pain.  Also, footsteps, shadow figures, people getting touched and apparitions.  The most interesting occurrence is the strange lights that appear to light the driveway to the building and it almost looks like a portal for spirits opens up to the sky above the building. Whoa, heavy stuff!

Just before the investigation begins, Amy tells the crew that she learned that many of the 100 plus deaths in the hospital were part of a cover up conspiracy!  Patients were told they had pneumonia, when really they had carbon monoxide poisoning from the Dam work.  The lie protected the construction company from liability and having to pay family benefits!  Certainly, any of those spirits could be holding a grudge over this.

During the investigation, there are several personal experiences.  Steve and Jason record a voice in the basement, while all the team members hear unusual footsteps.  Tango in particular feels that he was being followed by footsteps into the basement, and then has a door open right before his eyes!

As the night went on, the personal experiences got more interesting, ending with Steve barely being able to give his final interview because of interruptions including knocking, shuffling, movement and dragging.

The team agrees that the hauntings are most likely related to the historic deaths that took place in the hospital.  But from the evidence collected it doesn't seem like the ghosts are malicious in any way. 

Hopefully, that knowledge will help Mona and her clients keep the much-needed community center open and running.

Great work!