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Episode Recap: Hyde And Seek


It's the Ghost Hunters favorite holiday! Halloween, the night where some believe the portal between the living world and the spirit world is open!

TAPS takes on one of the most exciting locations in a long time:  Hyde Hall in Cooperstown, NY.  This 19th century mansion is stunning, but the one-time lady of the house has apparently left a stain on this architectural wonder.  The house was built by George Clark, but when he died his children pushed their mother, Anne Clark, out of the house. Legend says she put a curse on the mansion saying no woman would ever be happy there.  

Anecdotal evidence seems to support that, as future women of the house supposedly lived in misery. Now, visitors live in fear as there are full bodied apparitions, swirling grey clouds, footsteps and pushing. Oh, and there's a crypt. A haunted crypt where dark shadows lurk in corners.  

The investigation turns up spectacular pieces of evidence. Each team member had spooky experiences hearing footsteps and doors slamming, but it was the cameras that collected the most data.

At one point, a mass blocked an infrared camera in one of the bedrooms.  When Amy and Adam noticed it from the command center, they sent Jason and Steve to check it out.  As the guys arrived, the shadow darted away and the infrared light was visible again. Out in the crypt, Steve is nauseated when he peeks into a grave and sees a body. Amy and Adam get chills when they see a solid mass move by them in an upstairs hallway. And Jason and Steve are taunted by whistling noises upstairs. So many personal experiences!

Analysis reveals the strongest evidence of haunting, however. As Jason and Steve are in a bedroom, recorders pick up a voice saying "head to the baby's quarters." At the exact same time, a bright flash of light illuminates the wall behind the bassinette. There's no source for the light! It's one of the most compelling pieces of evidence ever collected.

Overall, a great hunt and a great haunt! Happy Halloween!