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Episode Recap: Orphans of Gettysburg


Gettysburg, Pennsylvania may be one of the most tragic historic landmarks in the United States. This was the site of the deadliest battle of the American Civil War: 51,000 people died in 3 days. With that much blood on the soil, it's no wonder the town is a hotspot for paranormal activity.

Tonight, TAPS is called in to investigate two locations in Gettysburg- the Soldier's Museum, which was once an orphanage for children who lost fathers in the war, and the Jenny Wade house, where a woman died tragically from a stray bullet. at the Jenny Wade House, several people have seen the ghosts of children, as the orphans often sought refuge in the home. Jenny Wade was baking bread for soldiers when she was struck by a bullet that came through her kitchen door. Could she be responsible for the paranormal movement in the building? 

Claims in the orphanage are of children's voices and toys moving, shadows and a man's voice saying, "Get out now!" Adding fuel to the paranormal fire is that the operator of the orphanage was an evil woman named Rosa Carmichael, who was known to shackle children in the basement and even had a solitary confinement pit where children were thrown for days at a time. 

Both investigations turned up some of the best evidence TAPS has collected in a long time. In the orphanage, there is audio recording of voices and doors creaking. Jason and Steve hear someone say "NO".  In the Jenny Wade house, Amy and Adam see a black mass pass before them. Later, Steve and Jason have the same experience. Whoa!

Finally, the thermal imaging camera outside gathers incredible footage of a human-like figure walking but then fading into nowhere!  Amazing stuff! This was a golden investigation that the team won't forget anytime soon.