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Episode Recap: Phantom Fleet


Time to get your sea legs on!  Tonight the TAPS team travels to Buffalo, New York to check in on 3 historic- and very haunted- vessels of the U.S. Navy. The Buffalo Navy and Military Park is the home to the USS The Sullivans, USS Little Rock and a submarine USS Croaker.

All of these vessels are plagued with claims of paranormal activity, including shadow figures, knocking sounds, footsteps, full-bodied apparitions and even objects being thrown at visitors.  Several documented on-board deaths could be the source of the activity. 

Or…it could be that the backstory on these ships has caused sailors from the past to cling to their one-time homes.  "The Fighting Sullivans" were five brothers from one family who were killed when their ship was sunk during World War II.  In their memory the navy dedicated USS The Sullivans, and the boys' mother christened the ship.  Meanwhile, the submarine Croaker was the vessel that avenged their death by destroying the Japanese ship that so tragically took the lives of the family.  Could the spirits haunting these ships be connected to the Sullivan family?

During the investigation the team picks up fascinating evidence.  Jason and Steve encounter strange moving objects, all the teams hear voices and Tango, Sam and Britt hear a high pitch whistling noise.  In the missile room, Britt gets clear responses to tapping on the floor.  During analysis the gang picks up great audio of the whistling and knocking noises.

Overall, a great investigation for the team!  On to the next…