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Episode Recap: Phantoms of the Opera


When an 1878 music hall is built on top of an old orphanage, asylum, and mass unmarked graves, specters can outnumber spectators! T.A.P.S. investigates the Cincinnati Music Hall in Ohio, where musicians aren't the only performers found in this building. The landmark is built on the site of an asylum locals called The Pest House, an old orphanage, and a potter's field with thousands of unmarked graves. Excavation and additions on the building continually turn up the remains of those who have been buried and forgotten.

Are the souls of the disturbed and the young still lurking in the halls of this historic landmark? The T.A.P.S. team sets out to investigate. Staff members have long reported sightings, noises, and unexplained movements. Lights turn on and off. Footsteps are heard. Auditorium seats move by themselves. An apparition of a lady has been reportedly seen dancing in the ballroom. A man has been seen waving from Box 9 in the balcony. The elevator seems to have a mind of its own. An apparition of a boy sometimes tugs on people's shirts and a girl wearing a dirty orphanage dress has been spotted on many occasions. 

Many of the staff members and security personnel's claims are confirmed. Dave and Britt's shadow detector goes crazy in the auditorium. Steve and Jason manage to get a ghost to sit down on a seat in the auditorium.  Amy and Adam head to the basement where many remains have been uncovered. They see something move, roll over and disappear. Could it be an animal? They hear a little girl say, "Mommy"!

Afterwards, Amy and Adam head to the auditorium at 3:00am, just the time that staff members claim the most paranormal activity occurs. After playing some classical music, they both see a man waving to them from the balcony! Some of the most disturbing evidence from Dave and Samantha's recording are of a male voice. It was hard to make out. Is he saying his name? Chilling!

With so many souls buried beneath the old, historic Music Hall, this investigation was an exciting adventure for team TAPS!