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Episode Recap: Prescription For Fear


Attention Ghost Hunters Fans!  You'd better grab a blanket to hide under, because tonight TAPS is investigating the Peoria Asylum.  Asylums are ALWAYS creepy and haunted, but this one is especially frightening. 

The Peoria Asylum in Bartonville Illinois, has a tormented history.  It is believed that during its time of operation over 16,000 people died in the building.  Patients killed patients, staff killed patients, disease and and suicides- all of which make the place ripe for lingering spirits.  The asylum was run by a Dr. Zeller, a pioneer in the mental health field.  He passed away in the building, and many believe his spirit is still roaming the halls.

Rich Weiss and his daughter Trisha have purchased the building and are trying to renovate it, but the paranormal activity is getting in the way.  Construction workers and visitors hear footsteps and hear names, and one witness even claims to have been aggressively pushed down some stairs.  A local woman says she was burned on the neck in the basement and people are frightened by "The White Lady".  She has long stringy hair and slowly floats down the halls.  Someone even caught a photo of her in a window!

Adding to the mystery is the story of Manual Bookbinder, who worked at the asylum as a gravedigger.  He apparently cried after each burial he oversaw. After his own funeral and burial in the same cemetery, witnesses saw his ghost wailing in his familiar spot.  Is he still there today??

The renovations have stirred up all these spirits, and building owners want TAPS to figure out who and what is behind the paranormal activity.

During the investigation Jason and Steve are startled to hear a female voice, while Britt and K.J. try to debunk the image in the photo, but they can't!  In the attic, Jason and Steve hear movement noises and a conversation! When calling out to Dr. Zeller in the basement, Britt and K.J. follow noises to a small room. But then something RUNS by Britt, which scares the hell out of him! Whatever they were following is now gone.

Steve and Jason continue to hear voices and movements when they call out Dr. Zeller's name or mention electric shock therapy.  Meanwhile, Britt and K.J. get a strong reaction when they ask if any spirits object to the renovations.

Tango and Michelle are startled to find that the creepy doll in the attic has fallen to the ground without any reason.  Britt and K.J. draw out several reactions while calling to Bookbinder in the cemetery. 

The evidence recordings captured several voices, loud noises and moaning.  But the best evidence was video of a shadow moving through the cemetery.  Whoa!  Great investigation!