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Episode Recap: Scream Park


Tonight the Ghost Hunters take on an amusement park that has more than the typical attractions! TAPS visits Sylvan Beach Park on Lake Oneida, New York. The park, built during a simpler time to help locals and tourists relax on a summer's day, is now the site of terrifying paranormal activity. 

The employees are desperate for help, while others fear that TAPS will incite the ghosts to anger and make things worse!

Park owner Doug Waterbury says many people have passed away on the property over the years, and some believe that their ghosts are lingering. In particular, folks named Abby, Scottie and Jack died in the park. 

Abby, known as the Lady in White, is mainly seen and felt in the hotel.  Scotty's body was found in the Treasureland building and now his ghost is seen throughout the park and in the Playland attic!  Jack, a games worker who died on campus is suspected of opening doors and hanging out at the bar. 

During the investigation there are interesting personal experiences. On the non-paranormal front, Britt gets sick riding the Tip Top, and Steve and Tango get attacked by spiders!  Maybe they're ghostly spiders.

Steve and Jason hear a crazy knocking noise, and Tango and Adam hear something topple over in the Playland attic. Later, Jason and Steve hear whistling or metal noises in Treasureland.  Britt and K.J. track fluctuations on both the EMF and REM pod in the Hotel, when something leans out and looks right at them!  A loud bang interrupts a meeting between Jason, Steve and Tango.  Adam and Tango experience first hand the opening door that could be Jack. 

The recorded evidence picked up some voices, the knocking noises and the interesting bang that Tango and Adam heard in the attic.

Still, the employees should be comforted that the spirits are not malicious, they're just hanging around a fun amusement park!