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Episode Recap: Shock Island


One episode, 2 crazy investigations!

The TAPS team starts out this episode in Scott Township, PA, at a one-time insane asylum.  Later, they move to Block Island to investigate a hotel that is crazy haunted by a woman in white!

Client #1 is Rick, who purchased the one time Pennsylvania asylum to use as an office building for his software company.  The building used to be a poor house for farm workers and also a laboratory for testing animals.  When Rick's employees see apparitions, hear voices and strange noises or even get touched, they don't know if it's the ghost of humans or animals.  The situation is at the point where Rick may have to move his operations to protect his team.

Jason and Steve use this investigation as an opportunity to test out a fog machine for evidence-gathering, implementing a theory that if a spirit is in the room it could potentially move the air around, which the fog would show.  While the machine runs, the various duos collect compelling evidence.

While with Adam in the basement, Amy feels something pull her coat more than once.  They also hear footsteps and a child's voice.  Jason and Steve also hear scuffling footsteps and voices.  A review of the fog machine footage picks up an exhaling sound that can only be described as human-like.  Overall, the haunts are definitely present at the office, but there's no reason for Rick's team to fear, as nothing seems to be malignant.

Client #2 is Lorraine Seer, owner of the Surf Hotel on Block Island.  Her family has owned this operation for over 59 years, and the records of paranormal activity could go back just as far. Guests and employees report hearing voices, seeing a woman's apparition and a male ghost that seems to be following her home at night to sleep with her cousin.

The Ghost Hunters are taxed with investigating both properties, and the evidence piles up quickly. In the hotel basement, Adam sees a male figure, and on the upper floors there are doors that open and close on their own that none of the investigators can explain. 

When Jason and Steve present the evidence to Lorraine, she is relieved to hear that she isn't crazy and is hopeful that the ghost will help bring in more guests than they scare away.  Good luck!