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Episode Recap: Something In The Water


Mineral springs are believed by many to have healing powers, which is why Excelsior Springs, Missouri, was a destination for the ill for many years.  The Elms Resort and Spa has been a part of that experience for over 100 years.  But now, the paranormal activity has increased so much that the guests and employees of the spa are desperate for answers.  Good thing TAPS is on hand to sort out the hauntings!

Claims are of a man in white in the tavern, chandeliers shaking in the ballroom, strange voices and shadows being seen and heard in the hallways, perfectly made beds having inexplicable indentations in the covers and people being pushed near the spa pool.  Adding to the intrigue is that the spa area served as a speakeasy during prohibition, and Al Capone himself was a known visitor. At least one of his associates was killed in the Inn.

During the investigation Steve and Tango attempt to debunk some of the claims. They conclude that the air conditioning is moving the chandeliers, and that the "man in white" is an illusion caused by doors and reflections.

Other experiences cannot be explained away.  Jason and Steve hear a woman scream or howl near the spa.  Amy and Adam hear a series of strange noises near the guest rooms, including a deep breathing noise and a beeping sound that mimics their shadow detector… but the detector is right next to Amy!  They call in Jason and Steve, and learn that a poltergeist is capable of such intelligent behavior.  Freaky!

Britt decides to investigate the pool from the bottom up, taking a swim to catch the EMF levels below the water.  The levels are normal, but he and Michelle manage to catch movement on their shadow detector that matches the claims of guests who report rippling water when no one is swimming.  Later, the two investigators spend time by the guest rooms, where their REM pod and geophone pick up all kinds of movement.  They also hear a strange noise that sounds like an elephant!

Each of the investigators takes a room to continue the investigation overnight with handheld devices.  Michelle's camera picks up strange noises and the autofocus self-adjusts as though it's trying to focus on something that isn't visible to the human eye. 

While the evidence presented verifies that the Inn is haunted, Steve and Jason agree that there was no indication that the spirits intend any harm.  Guests should not be afraid of the paranormal activity in the Inn but should focus on having a relaxing experience.