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Episode Recap: The Coroner's Case


Tonight the team heads to Shreveport, Louisiana, where they visit two separate locations on the same night- and it will be an intense investigation! 

The source of the activity is the Rendall Building, where owner Grayson Bailey runs a restaurant on the ground floor and rents the upstairs to business tenants. The experiences are disturbing:  a banging and rolling noise so loud Grayson called the police, voices and objects moving, an apparition of a man in khaki pants, a woman in white and strange sounds of old-time music.

Of course, the building was once a backup morgue for the bodies of those executed at the courthouse across the street.  The prison and justice hall has seen murders, violence and even the trial of the notorious Butterfly Man who committed the most grisly crime in the city's history. Also, there is Dr. Butler, the once coroner who workers say continues to walk the halls and even engage in conversations!  So many potential ghosts and areas to investigate, Grayson wants TAPS to get to the bottom of it!

During the investigation, Amy and Adam realize that voices from the bus stop outside sound like they are coming from inside the restaurant. That's good debunking!  Jason and Steve hear strange noises in the jail cells. Amy and Adam have a series of experiences in the jail cell area, including hair tugging and cell doors shaking.

Britt and Tango discover that the ice machine is responsible for a lot of noises, while Jason and Steve realize that outdoor traffic and headlights create all types of shadow movements in the restaurant. Bird activity could explain all the noises in the basement.

So while the team collected some interesting and useful activity in the courthouse, they concluded that there was not much going on in the restaurant across the street.  They did some research and learned that the restaurant was actually never used as a morgue. It was a funeral parlor, but that means that Dr. Butler would not have visited the building in his capacity as coroner.

Overall, Grayson is relieved to have gotten his mysteries explained, and the team was pleased to have been able to conduct such a broad investigation with interesting experiences. Bravo!