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Episode Recap: The Ghost Hasn't Left The Building


Ghost Hunters is back and so is Amy!  Her triumphant post-maternity leave return is made only better by a fantastic investigation location: Louisiana's Shreveport Auditorium, where some folks believe the spirits of past performers- including Elvis Presley- are still clamoring to get on stage.  Can't get any cooler than that!

The 1929 building is a historic site, where Elvis played his first concert.  It is considered one of the birthplaces of Rock n Roll and was the long time home of the Louisiana Hayride.

The paranormal activity began in 1977 after Elvis died and a statue was erected in front of the building, leading many to believe that it is his ghost roaming the building.  However, there could be spirits from the nearby cemetery coming over, or it could be any other of the great dead performers looking for one last chance to take the stage.

Client Teresa Micheel, reports that activity occurs throughout the building and the spirits are both male and female.  The claims include shadow figures, a lady in white, people getting touched, a person getting knocked over in the basement and a woman's voice saying "make sure you take a picture of Elvis" in the lobby.  An elderly woman says she was saved from falling down stairs by an unseen force.  There are two photos that show apparitions in the theater as well.

Teresa wants TAPS to figure out what is going on and help put her frightened employees and guests at ease.

During the investigation Amy and Adam, then later Michelle and Steve, all experience a strange light anomaly and hear odd noises.  In the auditorium, Steve and Tango see a white figure moving across the stage. 

Then Jason and Steve hear a deep male voice in the same area- it seems to be coming from the balcony!  They spend some time in the seats and hear doors opening from the stage area.  Adam and Britt take a turn and have similar experiences in the exact same places, so they try sending Amy in to see what happens with her. She and Adam hear whispering and see a tall, white shadow.

Britt and Michelle investigate the cemetery across the street, and get some strange readings on the MEL meter.  In the ballroom, Tango and Steve get down with a microphone and sound system- it's hysterical!

During the evidence review, the team notes that all the voice evidence seems to be the same voice. Interesting. The voice recording features someone saying, "Who is that?" Teresa is stunned by all the evidence collected during the reveal, and much of what TAPS has gathered matches the personal experiences she and staff members had in the building.

There's no reason to believe the presences are malicious, so now Teresa feels relieved.