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Episode Recap: Vintage Spirits


The Belvoir Winery in Liberty, Missouri has 4 buildings, and all of them are haunted!  TAPS is called in to investigate the campus.

The buildings used to be an orphanage, an old people's home, a nursing home and a safety bunker. Currently, the orphanage is operating as a winery run by the client, Jesse Leimkuehler.  He says the ghosts roaming the halls there are probably children, and they are harmless.  Reports in that building include voices, music playing, footsteps and people have had their pant legs tugged.

In the other buildings, however, Jesse is worried that the paranormal activity is negative.  If he tears the buildings down, he fears the ghosts will move into the winery.  There is a morgue in the nursing home that is especially creepy, and people have been pushed and touched, seen dark shadow figures and heard voices.  In the bunker, visitors have heard children singing.

More than 10,000 people have died in this complex over the years, so the potential for paranormal activity is certainly high!

During the investigation, the teams have several noteworthy experiences.  Jason and Steve jump out of their skin when they hear a loud glass shattering.  They look everywhere but there is no glass to be found!  Amy and Adam similarly hear loud crashing noises.  Britt and Michelle find themselves in a dark hallway chasing a black shadow that feels ominous to even the experienced investigators.

In the nursing home morgue, Adam is grabbed, and he and Amy hear whistling and voices.  The two also investigate the bunker, where their recorders pick up a child's voice yelling.  When they're in the orphanage they hear piano music coming down the hallways, when nobody is playing the piano!

Britt and Michelle, meanwhile, use RIM Pods in the winery hallway and place toys around to draw out the child spirits.  The pods light up in succession, as though someone is running down the hallway!

It's great to see the old friends having fun together again:  Steve and Tango get into hysterics over a Jello joke and Tango pulls a little prank on Steve.  

During the reveal, Jesse tells Steve and Jason that he had another odd experience the day before when footsteps seemed to follow him to the laundry room.  Jason and Steve share all their evidence with him.  If the ghosts in the buildings he tears down are residual, they should stay with the objects they're attached to.  But if they're intelligent, they may migrate to the winery.

If the latter happens, TAPS will return and help Jesse once again.  Great investigation!