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Episode Recap: ...My Soul to Keep

In the final battle for Port Moore, the residents must enter the ghost realm to destroy the spirits forever.


It's the season finale, and we've already got our first stand off! The Lambda
defectors and the Port Moore runaways (team Winston) both want to get on a
chopper and get the hell out of jive. Winston's crew gets distracted by a troupe of
ghosts that fall upon them, giving the Lambda trio a window to make their getaway.
But it doesn't go so well: the chopper collides with the force field stretched over
Port Moore, flips over, loses control, and collapses on the ground. Getting out of here
is going to be harder than anyone imagined.

Landis, Billy, Daphne, Dr. Clark and Roman assemble outside to witness the
helicopter fly and fail. They're desperate to put an end to all this madness. Landis
has an idea: if they put the artifact, now completely intact, back into the particle
accelerator, maybe it will turn everything back to normal. There's just one snag. To
restart the accelerator, they're going to need to shut down the power to the rest of
the town. So some people are going to need to "die" in order to fend off the ghosts
that will inevitably descend on the machine. Landis, Billy, and Val volunteer. They
need one more person. Who's it gonna be? Daphne? Really? Guess it's gonna be

The Chieftain bar erupts in a pre-possible- apocalypse party, and Roman steps out
for some air. He's met by Maggie, who urges him to make up his mind carefully: the
spirits are in charge of this town now, herself included. Does he really want to
change that, and go back to a town full of people calling him a freak? Food for

The plan gets underway. Dr. Clark mans the particle accelerator, putting his life on
the line to vanquish the ghosts. Before they go into the breach, Billy has to tell
Landis something: every time he was drawn back from the brink, death took a little
life out of him. His arm is starting to deteriorate. This doesn't bode well. No time to
consider contingencies.

Roman sets the machine in motion, and yanks the volunteers' spirits out of their
bodies. They then transport themselves to the accelerator room. Once the particle
accelerator room is cleared, Roman inserts a capsule containing the meteorite into
the machine. This should do the trick… It causes the accelerator to release a surge of
energy that courses through the entirety of Port Moore, and shuts down its power.
Except when the accelerator turned on, it didn't open the portal into the other
dimensions like it did the last time for Billy. Hard luck. That's just when the ghosts
start to plot their overthrow. Billy realizes that to reach death's door, you have to be
literally dead. Like, 100% dead. Not this diet-death stuff. Billy offers himself up (yet
again), and Dr. Clark kills him as humanely as possible — a nice, juicy shot of serum
to a major vein.

Shortly after Clark smokes Billy, he gets to smoking some ghosts who invade the
church where the bodies of the other volunteers are being "kept safe". Before Billy steps through the portal of death's door, he and Roman have a heart-to- heart. Turns out the reason that Billy's dad wanted to drive Roman's mom out of town is that Billy got her pregnant… with Roman. So he's Roman's dad. And with that, he steps
into the other realm. And it looks like Billy's act of heroism worked. The ghosts have disappeared, all the volunteers return to their bodies (except for Billy's of course) and there's laughter and rejoicing and merriment all around. Landis is pretty shook up about the whole thing, because her bf is dead af.

And Roman… well, looks like Roman blew Port Moore off. He was tired of being
called a freak, and he and Daphne took to the high seas on a yacht. Or is it Daphne?
Sure looks like Maggie. Did Maggie sneak into Daphne's body when she was under?
Sure looks like she did. And Roman's fixing to reap the rewards. Well, well, well!