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Episode Recap: Post-Apocalypse Now

Hope for escape arrives in town. But she brings with her an agenda – and a price.


There’s a lot of weird stuff happening in Port Moore. Sophia the mortician is sending people to their deaths. Dr. Barker still doesn’t know how Billy came back from the dead. And Carla and Paolo, our model couple, are going at it. He wants to leave Port Moore. She wants to stay and man the bar. Well, looks like they both win…separately. At least for now.

Dr. Barker is trying to get all the info she can from Billy about how it was he came back to life. He tells her about the accelerator, and the blue glow. But their chat is interrupted when a Lambda helicopter touches down in Port Moore. They go out to meet it. But the helicopter isn't bringing good tidings. It’s carrying a whole team of Lambda top brass, including Dr. Clark, Dr. Barker's boss, who says that their island literally disappeared. But not to worry: The Lambda security forces have come to investigate the situation. So maybe it’s time to worry just a little?

The Lambda team split up, as some go to the pub to meet the locals while Dr. Clark and Dr. Barker go back to Lambda HQ to do some digging their. But no one’s letting Billy in on any of the fun, and they leave a guard to keep him captive. Meanwhile Father Dan is picking up on some weird behavior from Sophia. She calls her dead son Mark (instead of Marcus), and she’s just giving off generally alien vibes.

The Lambda team minus Carter and Barker have arrived at the Pub to spread the cheer, distribute supplies, meet the townies, and maybe knock back a few. Sounds like a vacation. Except much more ominous. Billy manages to escape his captor and time-out by head butting the guy, taking his gun, and using him as a human shield as to enter town. After Billy brings in his hostage into the bar, a standoff ensues. Billy threatens to blow the kid's back off his body unless the other goons lower their weapons.

That’s when a woman named Daphne Holt steps forward. She's the CEO of Lambda. And she's going to solve Port Moore's ghost problem. But how and why? How: Daphne wants to restart the accelerator, whatever the consequences. She's got deep pockets and a sweet tooth for ghosts. Of course, Barker knows what might happen, and she's going to do what she can to stop the project from repeating itself. Why? Well, see Daphne’s got a sad past, and wants to figure out how to cheat death.

To prove to Dr. Clark just how dangerous restarting the accelerator is, Dr. Barker traps Dr. Clark in a vestibule and shuts off the electricity. Oh, she's quick. It's not long before a ghost arrives and scares the crap out of him. Well actually it's vomit. Point taken.

Meanwhile, Father Dan is on the hunt for Paolo. He went missing after he helped restart Sophia's generator…and never came back. Sophia invites Dan into her home for some tea and sympathy, but ends up taking his hand and knocking him out with some strange power instead. And Daphne has visited Roman looking for some insight into the ghost realm. When he leaves her alone, Daphne is visited by a ghost who reunites her to her past. Turns out, Daphne euthanized her mother, and she never overcame the guilt.

Sophia brings Dan to her little hideaway cabin where she’s been nurturing that otherworldly glob. Sophia feeds Dan to the glob — because even extraterrestrial vegetation needs to eat — and leaves. Father Dan manages to escape after cutting away the tentacles of the glob with sewing scissors, and sets the house on fire. Eh, no matter - it was a fixer-upper anyway.

Daphne brings Roman back to Lambda to show him the crown jewel in their treasure chest: that egg-like thing in the basement of Father Dan's church. It's actually a piece of meteor that landed in Port Moore and killed everyone way back when. It opened a rift in spacetime, and Lambda wants to figure out how to exploit it. And in Roman's hands, they might be able to do just that. When Roman puts a piece of the space rock in his hands, it definitely has an effect: but he doesn’t let on.

And Billy and Doc Barker attempt to storm Lambda and destroy the accelerator before Daphne can set it off. They're captured, and Doc Barker's clearances are revoked. Thinking that the Lambda ops have something to do with the disappearance of Paolo and other townies, a squad of vigilantes led by Norm start waving guns around the lab's property. The standoff stands down when the opposing sides see the fire burning in the distance. They must work as one to put it out, or else it could ravage the entirety of Port Moore.

Moral of the story: arson can bring communities together.