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Episode Recap: The Curse of Copperhead Rose

The origins of the paranormal invasion are revealed. Whatever you thought, it’s much, much worse.


We’ve gone back in time, six days before the earthquake that upended the physical realm and enabled the dead to return their living counterparts, to be exact. Dr. Barker is at the Lambda research facility and has just been given orders to execute an experimental research machine dubbed Collider (a particle accelerator) ahead of schedule. Her team fires the puppy up, only to have it go completely haywire and set off the earthquake that shuddered through Port Moore. The combination of the machine and the natural disaster causes an explosion inside the lab. Lots of Lambda technicians and scientists, trapped inside the machine room, die, and we know what happened to that bus…

Of course, the supernatural phenomena aren’t contained to the casualties of the bus accident. Those scientists that perished in the Collider room come back to haunt Dr. Barker and guilt trip her hard. And Lambda has decided to instate a complete lockdown on the facilities and premise, barring entry or exit to anyone — ghosts excluded. And Dr. Barker isn't the only one trapped in the facility seeing things. Brian the nuclear physicist is seeing and hearing a swarm of moths — of course, these are no more than the illusion cooked up by the ghosts. And subsequently freaking out. No longer able to cope with the moths, which are now crawling into his eyes, Brian takes a running jump from the second-story of Lambda, and into the courtyard…to his death.

More people are seeing dead people, and Dr. Barker thinks that maybe when the Collider was set off, it combined with the earthquake to release anti-matter — hence the apparitions. So she and another physicist Paolo go into the quarantined particle accelerator room to investigate. Well, Dr. Barker is the only one to stay in the room, attempting to commune with the ghostly visitors, while her partner goes outside to record and monitor her experience on camera. One of the ghosts, Chloe, heckles Dr. Barker, revenge for not saving her from the explosion. The spectre then sends a standing light crashing her way. Dr. Barker suffers from a panic attack, and passes out.

Now, Barker was hooked up to so many wires that they should have gotten some kind of usable data. But no: apparently, while her vitals were good, her brain waves completely shut down — like she was in a coma. Contrary to the reports, she’s pretty sure she saw what she saw. Meanwhile, the president of the Port Moore Lambda branch has his own run-in with the paranormal — a very wet run-in. A wave flows out of his soothing surfing videos, and drowns him in his office. That makes Dr. Barker the new head honcho. Her first order of business is to call off the lockdown, allowing her to enter into town, and for Paolo to reunite with his wife Carla, the bartender at the local pub. And Dr. Barker, nerves on end and in need of a distraction, finds sanctuary in Billy, his boat, the couch in its cabin, and the dark night that envelopes them both.