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Episode Recap: The Exorcism of Marcus Moon

When a young boy is possessed, the town must decide on an exorcism - or an even more dangerous fate.


And we’re back in the present day. Port Moore is still haunted by ghosts, but there’s even more weird stuff going on. For instance, Marcus, the mortician’s son, is acting strange. In that he's playing make believe with two actual dead bodies piled on the floor in his mom's office. He calls them Adam and Eve, and he's pretending to banish them from the Garden of Eden. Well, at least he’s been reading a lot.

The town is growing restless, and the mayor is having a tough time keeping them from utter anarchy. Meanwhile, Sophia, Marcus’ mom, is growing suspicious of the church and its apparent influence over her son. And Roman is approached by former bullies of his who beseech him to rid their house of some paranormal activity — and he complies. But it looks like Roman's going to have his hands full, because Marcus' weird-o meter just got cranked to 11. When Sophia finds him that night, he’s hanging from the neck by a rope. WTF is going on with this kid? Because he's way too young for puberty.

Marcus is taken to the town doctor to be examined. When he's discharged, he goes to play with the doctor's two daughters, who are debating the existence of a person or thing called The Whistling Man. Marcus swears he saw the shrouded, fearsome figure the night before, and already knows the guy’s history: he was chased from Port Moore, and, to quench his thirst for revenge, lured the children of the town out into the fog with his melodious whistling. Sounds like a Bob Dylan song.

But it looks like what Marcus needs is a physician of the soul. Because at church that day he calls out Father Dan for "lying" to his congregants about good, evil, God, no God. He embarrasses his mother, and gives everyone the heebie jeebies. Also, it doesn't help that he kind of looks like Damien. And then he starts to vomit everywhere, almost confirming suspicions that he’s possessed. When Father Dan goes to visit Marcus later, Marcus starts reciting occult Latin. Show off.

That night, the mayor’s kids detect some whistling coming from their closet, so they decide to investigate. We’re not sure exactly what they see, but whatever it is, it’s got them belting high C’s in fear. And then it’s revealed: inside the closet was…Marcus…? Maybe it is puberty. Meanwhile, Roman agrees to help the remaining Lambda scientists communicate with the new ghosts if they pay him the cash he needs to get out of Port Moore. It's a deal. First they shut down the power grid, and then summon up Chloe — Dr. Barker’s former colleague, who proceeds to haunt the doctor. Roman is at a loss as to how to stop her.

But they’re not the only ones having an exciting evening. Father Dan is breaking out the big guns at the mortician’s, performing an exorcism on Marcus, whose heresy and knowledge of foreign languages has become unbearable. Father Dan even surprises himself to some degree that (a) there’s such a thing as demonic possession, and (b) he’s able to exorcise stuff. Meanwhile, Roman improvises and thrusts his hand forward at Chloe's ghost. Apparently that plus some strong words is enough to banish evil spirits.

To show him her gratitude for saving her son, and to show her his gratitude for letting him perform a very risky, non-medical procedure on a minor, Sophia and Father Dan kiss. It's awkward, and also in violation of ecclesiastical rules. So…hot? But maybe that kiss was premature, because the next day Sophia carries a dead Marcus into the church for all to see, and for Father Dan to mourn. Well…if he could pull off an exorcism, maybe he can pull off a resurrection…?

While repenting for the loss of Marcus, Father Dan hears some water running and some crackling behind the stonewall in his study. With the strength of Goliath but the perseverance of David, he breaks down the wall, which leads into a smaller garret. Inside the garret are some more obscure, mystical books, some candles, and this glowing, egg-shaped orb. Faberge? Probably not. But when Father Dan touches it, it juices him up with so much power it looks like his eyebrows are going to go up in flames. What could it mean? And how much is that antique worth?