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Episode Recap: The Feast

New mysteries, a ghost pregnancy, and a possessed twin. And that’s just the beginning of the episode.


The dust has settled, the fire in the church has run itself out, and it’s time for Val, Roman and Norm to excavate the wreckage left by the conflagration. It’s not long before they hit the jackpot, and find three charred bodies: those belonging to Dan, Paolo, and Sophia — Abigail's is missing. They believe the ghosts are behind the massacre. Little do they know.

The team splits up: Roman gives Val a letter (from Dan) with some words about her deranged daughter, while Ned returns to town to break some harsh news to Karla, Paolo's wife. Norm takes it upon himself to inform Karla of her husband's death. But now’s not the best time, as Karla is already dealing with the morning sickness that comes with hosting some mutant spawn in her womb.

Roman, meanwhile, remains down in the derelict cellar, and starts poking around the rubble. He finds the egg there, and touches it. Well, it sends a frisson of energy straight through him. There's something powerful trying to contact him.

Norm offers to help Karla raise her unborn child, and she responds favorably. This is going to be interesting. Especially considering Karla has turned into a body-snatched something or other. Whatever she is, it’s not vegan: Karla expresses an intense hankering for some red meat. She knows exactly where to get it: in the home of some dead guy.

Karla gets Norm to venture over there for her to retrieve it, and he's got to cut a bolt to get in. Only thing is, that red meat…it's not kosher. It's human. Some Dahmer sh*t happening down there. An amputated arm that Norm sees as caribou goes right for his throat, and nearly strangles him. It finally relents, and Norm escapes with his life.

On his way back to town, Norm sees the generator outside Karla's place start pumping out black smoke and he thinks it's going to start a fire. The ghosts got inside his head, and made him hallucinate the whole incident, but Karla uses the mix-up to seduce Norm and gain his fullest confidence.

Meanwhile, Marilyn and Val have agreed to submit their crazy daughter Abigail for testing under Lambda's auspices. They want to know what's inside her. It’s not pretty. And Karla sends Norm back to the abandoned house for more carnage. While he's stocking up, a meat monster (monster made of meat) exits the freezer and goes at our Good Samaritan. Norm, again, escapes with his life.

It occurs to Norm that maybe he and Karla should share their food with the town? Karla does not acquiesce — probably because it’s all human meat and no one in town really has the palette for it.

Lambda’s test results on Abigail come back — positive for supernatural syndrome — but Val and Marilyn don’t buy it. So Daphne gives our beloved cray-cray-head a pet rat, which any normal child would either run away from or thrill with delight. Abigail, however, turns it to stone in her hands. So Abigail's mommies knock her out with a quick sedative. It's what you call tough love.

Norm is resolved to dish out the food from the abandoned house to the hungry townies. Like Winston. Except it's not Winston. Who Norm thinks is Winston is actually Roman, it has been this entire time. Norm's been hallucinating. And all that "caribou" he's been bringing back to Karla? It's human meat, for sure. Convinced Winston is messing with him, Norm knocks Roman out. After arriving home, Norm sees that Karla is about to give birth. It’s a miracle! From Hell! 

Norm rushes Karla to a sterilized operating room to deliver her mutant baby for her. And he's not bad at midwifing, turns out. He might be hallucinating like a madman, but boy can he assist with a live birth. Roman and Val give Norm and Karla the drop. With a touch of his hands, Roman is able to make Norm see what he's been too confused to understand: Karla ain't Karla, and that thing ain't no baby. It's a…science experiment? It's a…worm from outer space? It's a…dorable? Of course, that's until it entwines around Karla's neck, and sucks the life out of her and uses it to power its own metabolic processes. Of course, Norm is left with no other option than to kill mother and child.