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Episode Recap: The Pain Connection

When a horrific experiment goes wrong, a monster gets loose – and the hunt begins. Not everyone survives.


Well, Lambda definitely outdoes itself on the creepy, runaway capitalism meter. Inside the burning house Daphne and the other experts found several bodies inside the growing mucous pods. One of them was Paolo's, and they bring it back to the lab for testing. While they’re performing an autopsy, the doctors are surprised: Paolo’s body is regenerating itself at lightning speed.

Meanwhile, Father Dan, drunk as a skunk, confronts the turned Sophia in the middle of a park. A townie named Winston tries to intervene, and Sophia feints getting gut-punched by Father Dan, causing a stir. Father Dan runs off for fear of being pegged that guy.

And Paolo’s regenerative qualities allow his organs to regrow themselves. If Lambda gets in on this, they could make a boatload selling organs to the entire world. Skeezy much?

Val needs some alone time to deal with the town crisis, so she drops the kids off with Sophia. Mistake. Abigail, or whoever is inside Abigail's body, conspires with Sophia to kill Father Dan, and Isabelle eavesdrops the hell out of that creepy convo. They’ve got to get rid of her now.

Roman and Father Dan drop in on Daphne at Lambda to persuade her not to exploit the pods for organs. She's not buying what they're selling, and orders Doctor Clark to escort Father Dan away. But before he does, Clark gives Dan a key card to infiltrate the autopsy room. Looks like there's some mutiny afoot.

Father Dan breaks into the autopsy room to "perform the last rites." Yeah rite. Paolo's body, possessed by some otherworldly agent, wakes up, and starts attacking the post mortem staff. Then…Paolo escapes. Daphne is on the hunt to find her body snatcher, who has already made short work of the rest of her staff. These aren't budget cuts…they're jugular.

Father Dan leaves the compound to snoop around Sophia's place. He finds Isabelle locked inside the chiller, gagged. She was…just chilling. Father Dan also finds out from Isabelle that Abigail is dead, her spirit is hovering next to Isabelle, and that something else has inhabited her body.

We find that Paolo escapes to the pub in order to reconnect with his wife. Reconnect in many different senses of the word (the first being sexual). In so doing, he's also draining her of her energy.

And since he's already in the house, Father Dan intercepts another soul-sucking episode: Sophia is attempting to bleed Winston dry after luring him into her house with promises of the carnal kind. But instead of finishing Winston off, Sophia gets knocked upside the head with a shovel. It’s Father Dan at the handle, and he’s whooping ass. The Father then takes Sophia back to an underground lair where he can keep his eye on her. She tries every which way to weasel her way out, but he's not giving an inch. Then she starts to hurt herself — a signal to her kind that she's in danger. They're coming...

Paolo and Abigail descend on the Father, but he's pretty quick with a hammer, and goes Bob the Builder on their internal organs. Father Dan had planned to set the pod bodies aflame, but a trickster ghost came back from the other side to lock him in the lair as well. Father Dan won't take the chance letting these adversaries out again — so he lights them all up. Somehow, Abigail survived the fire, and makes her way out of the rubble. Like a really evil phoenix.

And Karla is preggers with body-snatched Paolo's baby. That was quick…