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Episode Recap: There's No More Room in Hell

With a mysterious new experiment about to launch, total civil war breaks out amongst the town.


Could things in Port Moore possibly get any stranger? Oh, you bet. People are literally on fire and literally dancing in the streets under the delusion that they're singing in the shower. It's complete mayhem. But at least it's musical. Body-snatched Abigail is sucking the life out of her Mayoral mother. Usually kids wait until they're 18 to bleed their parents dry… but little Abby started early. And Karla's ghost is attempting to return from the grave to give Norm one last kiss. Kiss of death. Norm is cracking up, as the woman he loved is now dead as dust.

The real Abigail, channeled by Isabelle, is sending a message to her moms: she doesn't want her body to hurt people any more. But if Val and Marilyn let Abigail's body die, real Abby is going to be trapped inside Isabelle forever. Izzy's OK with that. That means only one packed lunch.

Meanwhile, the townsfolk of Port Moore have lost their damn minds. They're drinking like it's 1899, partying like it's 1999, and beating each other up like it's 1984. They're having an end of the world party. Yippie! Leave it to Doug to break up the fun. He threatens everyone in the bar with death if they don't stop their near-death tomfoolery and get serious about the apocalypse.

Roman's trying to get the meteorite egg to start hatching its ghostly energies again, but it's not happening. They need the other piece, the missing piece, the piece that was in Daphne's lab. It's possible that this thing, whatever it is, is extraterrestrial. Or extra-dimensional. Either way, it's extra. They decide maybe it's time to reconcile it with its partner piece.

And Norm, fed up with the breakdown of society and the absence of governing officials, takes matters into his own hands. He's got back up, so it helps. He takes Mayor Val hostage (she's still weak from feedng her daughter her own life energy), and sends in his team to take captive the rest of her family. It's getting serious now. A second team of insurgents, led by Winston, knocks out Doug and hijacks the pub. They mean business — and not in the cha-ching, income tax way.

And while Billy and Landis, escorted by Lambda security officers, are on their way to make the meteorite dropoff, they run into a cordon of insurgents blocking off access to the road. It turns real ugly real quick, with bullets flying every which way and people dropping like flies. Billy, Landis and one of the security guards escape with their lives.

Roman, tipped off by Maggie that the town is in total confusion, commandeers Winston's vehicle at gunpoint so that he can drive it to Lambda. It seems the two pieces of the meteorite don't fit perfectly. This is troublesome, especially because the Legend of the Whistling Man, which Daphne is basing her entire investigation on, only mentions the one meteorite. The solution: Roman.

Norm, who’s thrown Marilyn and her kids into a jail cell, parades an abducted Val in front of Billy and demands he put a stop to whatever further experiments Lambda has planned. Or else… he kills her. Well, it doesn't work. Roman continues on with the meteorite, that's now in the shape of a lego brick house? Either way, when Roman completes the structure, it knocks everyone else in the room out. They all leave their bodies momentarily, before coming back. Looks like that thing can transport people to different dimensions.

Norm agrees to go down to the basement laboratory where he can talk to Daphne. Of course, the gang pulled the old switcheroo and instead Roman is down there. He puts the pieces of the meteorite together, knocks Norm out, and lets Billy finish up. Next thing you know, Norm comes back up, and orders his men to release Val and the rest of her family. She takes the news rather well, all things considered.

Of course, that's not Norm in Norm's body. And that's not Billy in his. When Roman put the meteorite together, Norm left his body, and Billy hopped right in there. Billy ordered the release of his family through Norm's body. After setting free Marilyn and the kids, Norm's body gets brained by Winston. Winston gets socked in the jaw by Doug. And Abigail is dying because she hasn't fed on human energy in a few hours. Never go to Port Moore.

Down in the lab, Roman gets to work opening up the quantum rift. Billy exits Norm's body, Norm Billy's, and the girls exit theirs. Norm, unexpectedly, says goodbye to his body entirely — he no longer wants to live. But the ghost that was hanging inside Abigail's body also appears — and is promptly electrocuted by Roman. This allows real Abby to return to her real body, and for everyone to be a happy family again.