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Episode Recap: Two Graves

To escape the ghost realm, Jimmy must survive a realm no one has ever left before. Intact, that is.


Last we saw Dr. Barker and Billy, she was administering CPR to him after he was electrocuted by a malfunctioning generator. Well, turns out Billy crossed over to the other side, and is now…a ghost. He gets transported to an underground room in the church, where there is a box with a cross on it. What is this place? Spiritual storage?

But Billy doesn’t get a chance to peep into the box, because when Father Dan gets the generators up and running, Billy’s heart starts pumping again. Dr. Barker and Dan rush Billy to Lamda to administer him intensive medical care. There, Marilyn, Port Moore’s only real medical doctor left, defibrillates Billy, and gets his heartbeat back to normal. Other Port Moore denizens are not as lucky, though; Carol, Ned and Doug are busy holding a funeral for those who died in the most recent spat with ghosts. There’s some singing of hymns. Some crossing. 

Father Dan returns to the church, not to help with the funeral proceedings, but rather to help himself to another dose of that weird organism growing in his basement. Looks like the old Father needs his fix. And Roman is still processing the new information he received from Maggie: that everyone he thought was his friend actually chased his mother Nadine out of Port Moore, and that she died shortly thereafter. He doesn’t know who to trust anymore.

Back at Lambda, Billy falls into a coma and slips into ghosthood once again. He goes to visit Roman at his mom's place, and asks him for guidance, for help. Roman wants to know the full story of how he and the posse chased out his mom. Valerie takes her daughters to see Uncle Billy, who's not doing so well. Abigail, who might not be Abigail, starts playing with Billy's oxygen mask. What's she up to?

Meanwhile, Billy gives Roman a little more insight. Not only was Nadine a psychic, but she used her powers for bad — blackmail. She blackmailed Billy and Val's father, so Dan drove her to the airport and put her on a plane. Or did he? Roman leaves to confront Dan (with a gun), and Nadine comes back from beyond to stick it to Billy. She tells him that if he really wants to live, he's got to "Let go."

Well, Billy lets go, and is transported again to some machine room with a huge, mysterious, turbine-like object. He puts his hands in it, because safety is for losers and the living. Roman confronts Dan, who agrees to shed some light on that fateful day when Nadine was banished from town. Dan was driving on his way to Anchorage when he got distracted, swerved off the side of the road, and Nadine was impaled by a tree branch. Turns out, the Father was a little drunk at the time.

And whatever that machine was Billy was touching, it gave him enough juice to come back to life. That, and Dr. Barker's amorous prayers, made him realize that death isn't where it's at. And while the father is gone, Carol decides to do a little snooping around the old church cellar. She finds the glob…and gets hooked.

Well, remember when we said Billy came back to life? It's not that simple. His body did, but it was then hijacked by the dead Ryan who wants to get revenge on Dr. Barker. He's doing a pretty good job of it. And speaking of revenge, Roman is about to exact his on Father Dan's life over his mother's burial ground, when she shows up. And gets him to wise up. She forgives Dan, and Roman relays the message.

The real Billy, or at least the real ghost Billy, returns to spook Ryan away and get him to stop choking Dr. Barker. Now Billy's got to work quick to reanimate his body, because time is running out.

And it would appear that Sophia has been spending a lot of time in the mucous membrane as well! After Sophia gets herself trapped in there, Sophia pops out…covered in goo. Eventually, the real Billy eventually gets back into his real body, for a really, really touching moment with the real Dr. Barker, who's been real all the time, but it doesn't hurt to emphasize that.

Dejected, Dan returns to the church for a quick pick-me-up, but instead finds the pod is gone. Where’s he going to get his fix now?! And, far from the church, Abigail and Sophia meet clandestinely in a house, and in silence finalize some secret pact. They each throw up something that looks like a small bird, or an egg, or a loogy. It's disgusting is all you have to know, and it no doubt spells trouble.