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Episode Recap: We Need To Talk About Abigail

When a young girl goes missing in a haunted forest, enemies must rely on each other to find her.


The Mayor is still freaking out after her run in with the supernatural, and she’s been carrying a Taser around with her to ward off the spirits. She and her wife have gone out for the evening, putting Sid, the babysitter, in charge of their creepy, creative kids. One of them has been drawing pictures of dead people, and includes in her ouvre a sketch of Sid with a knife skewering her skull. Fridge-worthy!

While the doctor checks up on a geriatric patient, Val shares a beer with her brother. Billy's hopelessly stuck in Port Moore, which is terrible news for Val who wants to see her brother a total of zero more times. And speaking of siblings, dead Rodney's living sister wants some explanations as to why her dead brother is dead. She wants justice.

But as far as justice is concerned, Port Moore is fresh out of it and they won't be getting another supply until God knows when. In the meantime, though, Billy makes no bones about dishing out his own brand of vigilante justice, protecting his sister from anyone he looks at her askance. Rodney’s step nephew in law happens to one such person, so Billy him in the gut. After that show of heroism (or flagrant disregard for civility), Val promotes her brother to sheriff.

And that picture from before? Turns out, it was prophetic. Sid the babysitter took a tumble while the dishwasher was open, and had an unfortunate encounter with a long knife sticking out. Who could be behind such cruelty? And who leaves a long, sharp blade sticking up out of the dishwasher? Monsters, all. Well, one monster specifically: Marcus. He's dead, he's dreaded, and he's ready for action. He orchestrated the whole babysitter affair, and he’s going to strike again.

Marcus runs into the woods, and Abigail, one of the Mayor’s kids, runs off to find him. A manhunt ensues to find Abigail before something terrible happens to her. But it’s not long before the search party is ambushed by a small battalion of fleet-footed ghosts. And these ghosts, they’re much stronger than they were before. Meanwhile, Abigail's sister Isabelle has opted for a little creativity in divining Abigail's location in the woods. She bit her finger and used the blood to finger-paint her sister's whereabouts. How. Freaking. Cute.

Isabelle leads the search party straight into a graveyard of dead animals. She says Abigail is somewhere here. Next to Bambi's mother. And your dog Skip. Isabelle leads them to a tree that’s formed some kind of weird growth on the outside. She says Abigail’s in there, so Billy starts hacking away at the mighty oak. Well, Isabelle tells no lies, and Abigail truly was inside that weird cocoon. When Billy extricates her, she’s covered in sap and pus and…let's just leave it at sap and pus for now.

While Isabelle is recovering from shock, Billy and Roman bring back a hunk of that strange tree to the Lambda lab to get it tested. When Billy touched it with his bare hands, he started feeling woozy — like he just got lucky with lichen. The test results come in, and the plant is in fact quite extraordinary. It was actually gestating a fetus.

And as far as the kids are concerned, they are definitely not all right. Abigail and Isabelle have switched bodies, and one of them (it's unclear who?) is speaking telepathically to their mom, Mayor Val. And Marilyn, Valerie's wife, a died-in-the-wool skeptic, is visiting one of her geriatric patients, Dotty, at home when that wool is lifted from her eyes. Dotty is nothing more than a corpse with some pastels on it. She's been performing medicine on a ghost! Insurance fraud!

And Abigail and Isabelle — or is it Isabelle and Abigail — are fighting, this time over who gets and doesn't get to pet Mr. Bojangles. The ferret. There’s something living inside, outside, or hovering just right around Abigail…which, to Roman, spells trouble. Everyone’s had quite enough excitement for one day, and Roman and Billy let the women and their daughters sleep. But Abigail refuses to remain idle. As her her coup de grace, she sneaks out of her bedroom, walks down to Father Dan's church, and starts to remodel the windows. With her fist.