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Episode Recap: Whatever Happened to Maggie Rennie?

As law and order begin to collapse, a ghost holds the key to an unsolved mystery that could offer some hope. 


Sophia the mortician is still grieving the loss of her son, who’s on her slab. And just when she thought she could catch a break and relax with a nice hot shower, her plumbing goes out: the showerhead starts spraying blood on her. Will nothing go right?!

She engages the services of Doug the handyman was was recently sprung free from prison by Mayor Val. He deduces that it's not blood coming from Sophia's drains, but rust, and that he can fix her pipes up for her in a jiffy. Well, he might be too eager, because there's something supernatural haunting his house that he may need to deal with first.

Meanwhile at the Chieftain Pub, maggots falling from the ceiling alert Carla the owner, and Doug and his number two Rodney to a nest of decaying rats mummifying in the rafters. While clearing it out and reapplying a new light fixture, Rodney is shocked by some errant electricity and sent hurtling backwards. (Check the photo gallery for this one, it’s a great shot.) Turns out that spark of electricity was caused by some rewiring in the ceiling done by Lambda to ward off supernatural visitors — who don’t pick up their tab. Of course, this is supposed to be a secret.  

And if you thought Marcus was bad in life, well, let's just say that he didn't let death curtail his career as a prankster. Even at his own funeral, while locusts swarm in the sky and not a tear is shed, he manages to send his own casket flying and give his mourners yet another spook. Well, that’s freaky supernatural behavior, but what about just plain old doddering, bigoted old man behavior? It just so happens that there’s that too. As a favor to Maggie, and in exchange for some more details on the new group of ghosts, Roman agrees to talk to her father Doug for her and convey a message she has for him. It…doesn't go well. He pulls a gun on Roman and chases him off his property.

And when Doug's not turning the gun on innocent others, he's attempting to commit suicide on himself. But Doug just can't catch a break: every time he tries to pull the trigger, the ghost of his daughter Maggie comes back to play the radio or some pots and pans: anything to keep her father from joining her on the other side. Finally the old man relents and allows Roman into his home and to transmit Maggie's message. She had taken and kept safe of watch belonging to Doug so that he wouldn't pawn it off. She has no use for it, and so gives it back to him through Roman. Lastly, she has Roman tell Doug she's sorry she missed pizza night — the night she died.

Doug is feeling a great weight lifted off his shoulders, and decides to throw a little get together to send off Maggie in style. He invites Roman, and that's when things go haywire. Maggie starts to freak out, and throws Rodney (this guy is the brunt of every supernatural trick) agains the fridge. Then she chases him around the house, terrorizing, tormenting, twisting and turning him every which way.

Finally, Maggie traps Rodney in her room, and disrobes him. Ahh, this is starting to come together now. On that pizza night way back when, Rodney had roofied Maggie's drink, and raped her in her room. As Rodney’s about to take advantage of her, Maggie starts to seize — a reaction to the rohypnol, and dies shortly after. So Maggie exacts revenge on Rodney by carving the word "guilty" into his chest. Hardly a fit punishment for his reprehensible crime, but it'll do for the moment.

And with that, Maggie's unfinished business is officially finished, and she returns to the other side for good. But not before upholding her end of the bargain: she tells Roman that these ghosts can't be reasoned with. They don't want anything that he can give them. So he'll have to come up with another way to placate them. Or defeat them.

The truth now known to him, Doug takes the law, his guilt, and his destiny into his own hands: and shoots that disgusting criminal in the gut. Shoots him dead. He winds up back in prison where he began the episode, but this time with a clearer conscience.