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Episode Recap: Whistle Past the Graveyard

As the ghosts start a full-blown war, a long buried secret could destroy the town’s last hope.


After Abigail broke the window to the church, all these ghosts just started appearing in the churchyard. Are they having a sit-in? Do they want higher otherworldly wages? Roman is determined to find out. But just as he pokes his nose about, the power in Port Moore goes out. Presumably the dam that powers the town went kaput. The electricity was a major line of defense against the ghosts…so now, it’s open season. 

Back at LAMBDA, Dr. Barker exposits her theory that Roman might be a “slider” — people who are extraordinarily affected by the presence of electrical equipment — and she lets her team go home for the night.That’s when Ryan, the guy who took a running jump off a ten-story building because of a small moth problem, threatens her life. Luckily, he doesn’t make contact because Paolo enters in the nick of time to blast the revenant with some high voltage.

The rest of Port Moore is similarly under siege by supernatural saboteurs. Doug gets accosted in jail, Carla thinks her husband is a ghost and tries to stab him, the place is crawling with creeps. The townspeople gather in the church for sanctuary — but with the electricity out, nowhere is a safe haven. So Billy assembles a crack team of ghost hunters (Father Dan, Dr. Barker, and Roman) to get up to the dam and get that sucker started again!

While Billy and the other ghost hunters head up to the dam to try and restart it, and the electrical grid, those in the church are under attack. Luckily Paolo has his Venkman-style toy to blast them away. At the same time, the precocious kids of Port Moore are as industrious as ever. Abigail has located the egg that Father Dan excavated from the wall. And it's… definitely farther along now in its weird, Lynchian incubation process.  

Billy, Dr. Barker and Roman are racing against the clock, trying to extricate dead animal carcasses from the turbines — but it’s hard-going. Roman gives Father Dan a hand with the breakers in the basement, but is interrupted by Maggie. She’s returned to communicate with Roman on topics neither weather nor traffic-related.

Maggie transports Roman back in time to view the moment when Billy, Val, Doug and Dan chased his mother out of town. Billy and Val allege she took advantage of their father; her story is that he had some bad stuff he wanted to get off his chest, which is why he engaged her services. When returning to the present, Roman learns from Maggie that his mother…is dead. Not in Seattle, as he’s been led to believe by basically everyone.

Roman confronts the gang on his mother. Father Dan comes clean, but qualifies that after they chased Roman's mother out of town, she was alive. They don't know how she died. Roman's finished being exploited for his powers, and leaves them in the turbine room. And back at the church, someone cut the power cord, and the ghosts descend on the parishioners. They're taking no prisoners.

And the spectral Marcus reprises his flickering existence to taunt his mother, and bait her downstairs where the egg thing is. He pushes her into the mucous membrane, which looks strangely similar to the one on the tree where Abigail was trapped. After he's finished with his mother, Marcus sneaks up on Dan, who's still guilt-ridden over the whole botched exorcism affair. Marcus makes sure the Father feels pain as much as he did. Looks pretty gnarly.

Well, there is some good news to all this: hope against hope, Billy manages to pry the last animal carcass free from the turbine blades and get it spinning again. Plus: free dinner! But before the electricity comes back on, the ghosts descend on the two. And they think they're going to die. So they make out. Fortunately for them it was a false alarm. Unfortunately for them, the town is drawing too much power for one generator, and Billy needs to do something. But when he goes to another switchbox to reroute some electricity, he gets blown to smithereens. Bye Billy.