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Episode Recap: Destroyer of Worlds

Finally reunited, Sax and Happy make one last push to save Hailey while Amanda pursues a dangerous lead all by herself.


Well, it's not Merry's Christmas this year, as her mother has passed away after taking some tainted pills given to her by Blue. Oh, he's gonna pay. And meanwhile, Nick has to escape Blue's stronghold. How does he do that? By using Blue's wife and son as his human shields (one for the front, one for the back). It's risky, but it's a risk Sax is willing to take. After they all make it out alive, Blue's wife tells Nick where her cheating, loathsome husband ran off to (his sister's place). Obviously, Mrs. Blue has some beef with her beau.

And Mikey, Mikey ain't doing so hot. He's got an insatiable appetite for raw meat. If it's got E Coli in it, even better. This demon inside him is coming alive! Amanda meets with Sunny Shines, the megastar performer at whose performance Hailey was abducted. He's a common denominator: all the kids that were kidnapped happened to be at his show at the time. Amanda wants Sunny to use his celebrity to raise awareness of the issue. He, in turn, makes a disgusting pass at her, and give her free tickets to his next show. What a guy. Oh, and by the way, Sunny? He's Mr. Bug. And he's also not done with Amanda.

Mr. Blue arrives at his sis' looking for Mikey... and the password. She tells him to go to hell. He, in turn, starts to kill members of the reality TV crew that have been following his sister and her retinue around. Back at the Sunshine building, Mr. Bug's goons lock Amanda in and won't let her leave. She runs away, and stumbles into a room and onto what looks like the illest party of the year. Everyone there is in tight-fitting rubber costumes, wearing animal-head masks, having sex, genuflecting before Mr. Bug, feasting on manna in the form of large pupae — this thing is lit. Then they spot Amanda… who ruins their fun.

And Merry, on the hunt for Blue, pulls over his car, not expecting to see Nick Sax riding captain. They decide to pair up, despite themselves, to find Hailey and the other kids. That's when Merry gets a call from Amanda — the bug people have got her, and she needs help. Sax and Merry are on it. Back at the stage, Smoothie is wrapping up the kids in toy boxes, ready for shipping. Whither? Probably some freaks. There’s no shortage of freaks in this world.

Happy has led Merry and Nick to Sunny's Rainbow Castle, where the toys are made, and where the kids are being held. It's like if Disney built a theme park during the Inquisition. Anyway, Merry and Sax split up, and make their respective incursions. Inside, Merry gets in a scrape with a cuddly, alien, plushy, killer type creature, and only manages to evade it by shooting it in the groin and draining it of its gooey, juicy juices.

Meanwhile, Sax gets led by the nose into a classroom where he thinks Smoothie is lecturing to a bunch of kids. This was a trap — a recording of Smoothie's voice coming from a speaker. The real Smoothie then jumps on Sax's back, and knocks him out with ether. Top marks, boys. In another stage, Smoothie ties Sax up, and ties him down to a table. Then he straps on his… large, sexual toy to his waist. Looks like he's ready to torture Sax where the sun don’t shine. While filming it of course.

That's when Merry enters, gun a blazing! She pops Smoothie one in the eye, and then proceeds to untie Nick (and remove the log of a dildo from his behind). Under strict orders from Mr. Bug, Blue has arrived at the Castle, and sends off the truck filled with all the boxed boys and girls. Blue didn't want to be selling kids into child slavery, but one bad turn deserves another, he ended up in Bug’s debt, and now he’s doing exactly that.

Just then Merry and Sax bust in, and vanquish all of Blue's men. Blue runs away like the coward he is. But he doesn't get very far. Blue cuts himself up on the barbed wire fence he tried to surmount, and ends up flat on the ground, and at Merry's mercy. She probably won't have any for him. When Nick finally catches up to the truck, the driver's been shot execution style, and all the kiddies are gone! Where to? We'll find out next week!