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Happy VS Nick Episode 4

See the world through Happy and Nick's eyes. Spoiler alert: These are two verrrrry different worlds.


It's true what they say - opposites attact. And opposites also have two very different views of the world. Case in point, Happy is a glass half full kind of horse, whereas Nick is gonna guzzle the booze straight out of that glass bottle. You get the drift, but in case you didn't, allow us to break it down for you -- through gifs! Episode 4 saw Happy and Nick take a journey to the detestable seemy underbelly otherwise known as Chinatown. The two managed to endure the horrors of Yin-Yang fish, and an all-out brawl with some dangerous triads. Nick went nuts, Happy was adorable, it was very emotional.

Behold, a recap of Happy’s Episode 4 happy thoughts vs. Nick’s uh…not so happy ones.

Nicks' reaction to the cosmic order is exactly how we feel after stepping on the scale after a week of binging on mom's holiday lasagna. It's not a good look


... and what's the only thing worse then someone spouting some nonsense about every fortune cookie having a "match"? 


Needing to follow that lead to ...


Happy's all about Chinatown. The bright colors, the paper lanterns; he and Hailey even studied Mandarin at the Y.


Nick has a slightly difference experience with the different cultures. An experience founded on the earliest profession in existence.


Happy's no stranger to a happy ending.


But Chinatown offers mysteries and treasures that can only be found if one searches high and low. If one abandons one inhibitions and gives way to the exotic and strange...


One is likely to find mortal enemies...


And strange bedfellows...


Don't forget to keep your head up, and if you need some inspiration and little soft shoe tap never hurt anyone. For real though, this is next level cuteness.


Teamwork makes the dreamwork, and if Happy and Nick can pound it out, this world might just survive 2017 and make it into the new year with a promising outlook. HAPPY! New Years y'all.


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Nick: Fu#@ing watch it!