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Happy VS Nick Episode 5

See the world through Happy and Nick's eyes. Spoiler alert: These are two verrrrry different worlds.


It's true what they say - opposites attact. And opposites also have two very different views of the world. Case in point, Happy is a glass half full kind of horse, whereas Nick is gonna guzzle the booze straight out of that glass bottle. You get the drift, but in case you didn't, allow us to break it down for you -- through gifs! 

This week, on a very special Happy VS Nick, we're going to explore the joy, sadness and overwhelming cuteness of one blue unicorn and the cranky, drug-adled, violence of one bastard ex-copy.

Who wants a hug? Happy wants a hug, that's who? Anyone who doesn't accept a hug from this pile of blue fluff doesn't deserve good things.


Happy knows that sometimes a hug isn't going to do the trick, and you've got to rely on your soft-shoe talents to really turn someone's frown upside down.


Even in the darkest depts of the New York Subway (and anyone who's ever been on the 4 train at 3am will know what I'm talking about) Happy can find the holiday spirit in everything and anything.


Happy is a delicate flower who must be protected at all costs


I repeat. Happy is an imaginary treasure and we must protect him at all costs.


Did anyone ask for a drunk, cantakerous bastard? ...


Umm... welll.... I don't know.... maybe...


No, Nick. We don't think that the most revevant take away, after you systematically gutted a hitman with your daughters trophy, is that the first place finish is impressive. 


Nick is like a little child being admonished by his mother here for eating too much candy. Of course in this scenario, the candy is drugs. So, not a great look.


There are few things scarier, in this world than an irate Nick Sax, with a hammer, following you up the stairs.


We really got a sense in this episode of the underlying damage that is Nick Sax, and the underlying joy that is Happy. And while we may be forever haunted by the image of Nick Sax following us up the stairs with a hammer, we are comforted by the joy that Happy brings by offering us a hug.

Happy: Catch all new-episodes of HAPPY! on Wednesdays at 10/9c on SYFY!
Nick: Fu#@ing watch it!

Also... this is exactly who we feel after being confronted with our weight on the scale after the holiday season. That is all.