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Writer Grant Morrison Knew that Christopher Meloni Was "The Guy" for HAPPY!

Christopher Meloni stars as a corrupt, alcholic ex-cop turned hitman and Grant Morrison wouldn't have it any other way.


In a SYFY Wire exclusive, HAPPY! co-creator and writer, Grant Morrison, talks being happy (get it) about the show's success, participating in the writer's room and why he believes Christopher Meloni makes a perfect Nick Sax.

“We knew when we got him that this was the guy,” Morrison said. “The minute he walked in the outfit, and he had the Feliz Navidad scarf and the old coat and everything, that was enough, visually: He was the guy...He knows it so well; he inhabits it so thoroughly that he can just generate content and the persona of Nick Sax. So from the very first moment he started to act, we realized that this was the guy for the show,”

Watch the full interview below and tune-in every Wednesday at 10/9c to see "the guy", Christopher Meloni in action in all-new episodes of HAPPY!