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10 Moments from Reddit's Grant Morrison/Patton Oswalt HAPPY! AMA

Grant Morrison, writer/creator of the HAPPY! comic series, and Patton Oswalt, who voices the title unicorn in Syfy’s series, took part in a Reddit AMA!

Patton Oswalt

Critics and fans alike are over the moon about HAPPY! season two, currently airing on Syfy. But those wondering about the sick, brilliant minds behind the show were in for a treat yesterday: Grant Morrison, writer/creator of the HAPPY! comic series, and Patton Oswalt, who voices the title unicorn in Syfy’s series, took part in a Reddit AMA! Here are our favorite moments:

1)   Grant Morrison has always felt HAPPY! was something special.

Of all your projects, is Happy! the one you feel is best-suited for television?

Grant Morrison: "HAPPY! always had something special about it, some odd magic, so it's no surprise to me it was the first of my stories to reach the telly."

2)    More of Morrison’s work is headed to television.

Morrison: “Development on The Invisibles is underway at UCP!” he says, referencing the 1994 comic book series that ran for six years.

3)    Patton Oswalt’s favorite cheese is midnight moon, but Morrison hates cheese (to Oswalt’s dismay).

Morrison: “I hate all cheese - i hate cheese even more than I hate C-3PO.”
Patton Oswalt: “Burning all my INVISIBLES trade paperbacks.”

4)    Oswalt is open to a King of Queens reunion special.

Oswalt: “I don't get to talk to Kevin [James, who played Doug Heffernan] as much as I used to 'cuz he's so busy making movies. But A "year later" or "decade later" KOQ special could be fascinating. And hilarious."

5)   Grant Morrison is a Bjork (and Momus) fan. 

Morrison: “I like Bjork. Nobody rings my bells like Momus and luckily for me he puts out an album every year.”

6)    Morrison initially intended for Damian Wayne to die in his version of Batman.

Damian Wayne (Robin in Morrison’s version of Batman) is such a great creation. Did you anticipate the love he’d receive from audiences?

Morrison: "I thought Damian would be popular but I also intended for him to die and not screw up future writers Batman stories. Readers really liked him, so he's still around." 

7)  Oswalt is a huge fan of The Golden Age (from the Sandman) series.

If you could write a story for or act as any established character in any medium that character is not normally known for, what character and medium would you choose?

Oswalt: "The Golden Age Sandman, definitely. Huge fave of mine. The origins of the DC Universe, done DEADWOOD/BLACK DAHLIA-style." 

8)  Morrison doesn’t keep up with current comic series.

Morrison: “I haven't read any comics for a long time."

9)  Oswalt plans to write another book.

Oswalt: “I just need for my schedule to settle down. I have...a very amorphous idea. We'll see. But one day definitely I will write another book.”

10)  Oswalt thinks he knows why some people find him creepy.

Oswalt: “'Cuz your eyes work.”

So now we know what to expect from HAPPY! season 3: a Golden Age-Invisibles crossover featuring characters from the King of Queens, scored by Bjork and Momus. New episodes of HAPPY! Wednesdays at 10/9c on Syfy!