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Episode Recap: 19 hours and 13 minutes: Season 2, Episode 5

Sax ate the jelly. Trips B, D, all of it. And on Hailey’s birthday. Amanda makes a breakthrough.


Remember when Nick crapped out a pink alien, wrestled with it on the toilet, and then nearly died? Right, so after all that, the two adversaries then broke through the window and continued their rowdy rendezvous outside.

Having lost her hard evidence, Merry's had to come up with a backup plan: She and Dayglo Doug are going to head to Shine Tower to get some more goo, straight from the source. DD is a little hesitant, mostly because Sunny is a vindictive and angry individual, and so he needs some coaxing before he's willing to do that.

And Nick is, shall we say, losing his damn mind. He's running around the City pantsless looking for a personified goo. It's not a good look, on anyone, much less Nick. He eventually gets picked up by three guys in Hillary Clinton masks (is there symbolism there?) waving around pistols. They happen to be a trio of guys Sax killed back in Season 1 (or thought he killed in Season 1). They contract him out for a job: kill Sunny Shines. In actuality, Sax is hallucinating this whole thing, is actually on a crosstown bus, and the men in Hillary Clinton masks (let's just go with no symbolism) are actually like guardian angels reminding him that it's his daughter's birthday. He's promptly thrown off the bus. Pull it together, girl!

And little Hailey is growing up fast. She had to make breakfast, and get herself to school, all on her own, because Amanda is reeling from her time with Simon, as well as the PTSD. But, during lunch, Hailey happens to make three new friends, who just so happened to be three old enemies. They're drawn to her after she tells them that the guy at the zoo is her boyfriend. Smoothie. Eunuch.

Meanwhile, Orcus is solidifying his hold over Blue, and delivering satanic sermons in the prison courtyard. But every so often Blue pulls a fast one and... makes Orcus fart. It's the little rebellions that count.

Merry and Dayglo Doug break into Shine Tower, and waylay the human Wishee that replaced the alien one Merry killed. He's never actually met the other three Wishees, and Sonny wasn't about to make that introduction. Merry gets an idea.

Blue appeals to his cellmate and boyfriend Pink to put an end to Orcus' reign once and for all... by killing him. It's like Shawshank Redemption meets Little Nicky meets Kiss of the Spider Woman.

And that squad of girls get Hailey a birthday cake for her birthday, but when she opens it... It looks just like the one she ate with Pervy Santa back in Season 1. But the Squad didn't try to pull a fast one on her: they bought her a real cake. WHAT'S GOING ON?! Hailey throws a fit, and runs away.

Sax is... slipping pretty deep into his withdrawal. He's hallucinating Amanda telling him to hop off the wagon, and start killing people and drinking again. It's bad.
Back at Shine tower, Merry has donned the Wishee costume herself, to infiltrate the inner Wishee circle. On her way to rehearsal, she gets stopped in the hall by Smoothie, who sniffs her out. But she's saved by the PA, who calls her to set. After skipping rehearsal (she's going to get her pay docked for that), Merry suffocates a security guard keeping an eye on the security cameras.

At the same time, Dayglo Doug breaks out of his dressing room to wax nostalgic on his old stage set. Sonny shows up, and is furious. DD shows him he's got the blackmail tape, which only enrages Sonny more. So Sonny bashes DD's face in with his own microphone. And kills him.

Nick is hallucinating again, and this time it's Happy as a horse. Happy-horse tells Narcosis Nick that he should skip town for good – that would be the best gift he could get Hailey for her b-day. Looks like Nick's demons just won't give him a break. But the real Happy is out at a bar, getting cozy with a Little Bo Peep imaginary friend. Looks like Happy's doing some growing up of his own.

And when Hailey comes home from school, Amanda snaps out of her delirium and remembers she missed her daughter's birthday. That was the last straw. She realizes what she has to do now to break this spell over her.

Feeling lost and alone, Hailey returns to the park, where she meets Smoothie. He seems to be the only person who cares about her. Seems is the operative word here, as it was he who swapped out that birthday cake. Dastard!

Nick, still hallucinating, and still looking for a present for Hailey, also stumbles into Shine Tower (where is the security in this place?!). He sees (read hallucinates) Hailey holding a gun, and shooting him in the gut, ostensibly to get rid of him forever. He falls to the ground, hugging what he thinks is Hailey, who is, in reality, the big pink blob that is the Wishee.

Amanda busts in to the Tower, looking for a meeting with Sonny. Someone get this woman a guest pass!