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Episode Recap: A Friend of Death

Smoothie + Hailey take a trip into the past. Sax hits rock bottom. Good thing Happy brought a cake.


Wow. Last we saw Nick, he was under a pile of dead men, that he created we should mention, and crawling his way out. Someone must have called the cops, because they show up at the pad with guns drawn. Nick handily knocks them both out, and steals their whip. Did this just become a Grand Theft Auto mission? Happy turns co-pilot and shows Nick the way to the facility where Smoothie's keeping Hailey.

Upon arrival, Nick batters down the door. Unfortunately, Smoothie catches wise, and detonates the building before Nick can snoop around any further. After escaping the burning building, Nick gets ambushed by a bunch of cops that arrived to the scene. But not before he gets a call from Hailey telling him she no longer wants anything to do with him. Which one hurts more? Tough call. 

Merry takes an unscheduled meeting with the TV network exec (those are rare!) and tells him to cancel the Easter Special before catastrophe strikes. She says she has the blackmail tape of him committing heinous acts, and that she'll destroy it if he pulls the plug. He's not buying it.  Smoothie takes Hailey to a diner in his backwoods hometown. While he takes a tinkle in the bathroom, Hailey overhears the two men sitting next to her discussing someone who could definitely have been Smoothie 30 years ago. They say that, when this freak was a kid, he castrated himself and put his manhood in a jar for all the Science Fair attendees to see. Just for the heck of it. Yup, sounds like Smoothie. 

In the bathroom, Smoothie is approached by Orcus. Well, not approached so much as addressed through the glory hole in the partition between their stalls. Orcus is concerned that Hailey won't be ready to kill Sonny Shine on live television during the Easter special — so Smoothie’s been grooming Hailey. Makes (sick) sense. Smoothie says she will be, and they leave it at that. Then, the flush. 

Smoothie takes Hailey back to his childhood home, where his adoptive mother is in the middle of an episode (and not of TV). She hasn't seen him with his pink eye yet, so it's startling to say the least. Smoothie then takes Hailey up to his old room where she's to stay until further notice. But she grows restless: She wants to put an end to Sonny's reign of terror now, by landing him in jail. Smoothie says slow down, child. If he lets her in with Sonny alone, she might never come back out. And if she does, it'll be irrevocably changed. So this sicko is having some second thoughts.

And in the hoosegow, the whole precinct plays whack-a-mole with Nick Sax, one of their ex-brothers. Merry drops in at the last crime scene, and uses her wiles to seduce the chief. Merry wants to see Nick Sax set free, and this one can help her get there. Later the chief drops in to Nick’s cell, Tasers the inmate, bags his head, and takes him to Merry, who springs him so that together they can link up to go find Amanda.

At the Shine estate, Orcus is playing OBGYN with Amanda and her half-Wishee child. He's practically gushing over the prospect! But not gushing nearly as much as Amanda's broken water. It's time, and they rush her to the hospital.

After commiserating about their fraught childhoods, Smoothie and Hailey do a dance to some jukebox music for all the guests at this podunk restaurant to see! How many vomit bags does this place have to offer? 

At the network, Sonny addresses the board, and expresses how happy (show title!) he is in anticipation of the upcoming Eggtacular. They, in turn, tell him it's been canceled. What about the TV president, you ask?  Oh, he killed himself after his blackmail tape leaked.

After their little Dirty Dancing number, Smoothie takes Hailey into the woods to meet his father. Smoothie told her that his father abused him and his mother, and that he needs to pay. So Smoothie brought him into the woods to kill him, and prove to Hailey that violent justice is sometimes called for. Only problem is, this guy isn't Smoothie's dad. He's just an unlucky SOB Smoothie’s making an example of. After witnessing this guy’s death, Hailey is finally ready to kill Sonny Shine.

After Merry and Nick bust in to the hospital to try to spring Amanda free, they're ambushed by a naked Wishee. It engorges Nick, before Merry is able to toss Nick a shotgun and he blows his way out of the pink mess. But don't worry, there's plenty more Wishee where that came from. Right, Amanda?