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Episode Recap: Arlo and Marie

This is one F-d up family dinner.


After Blue and Pink leapt to their deaths in a suicide mission to kill Orcus, Orcus survived, and Blue was sent to the little house on the prairie from hell. His family is there, all frozen in mutilation the way they died. It's horrifying. Welcome home, Blue!

Back at the orgy, Nick finds out from Amanda that she's pregnant. When he tries to annihilate Sonny, the Wishees sic him. So he tries another tactic: taking Amanda (and her baby) hostage. That seems to work, and Nick takes Amanda back to the show home (he's getting a lot of mileage out of that place), and she gets a little handsy. That's just when Hailey walks in.   

Amanda tells Hailey about the pregnancy, and that it was the hormones that made her act so strangely, and assures her that when the baby comes, they can all go back to being one big happy family. Sure...

Meanwhile, Merry visits Santa Bianca, the needling nun, at prison, and asks her about Blue/Orcus. She says that Orcus is the god of death, who has been behind the assassinations of all the most beloved figures in history – Abe Lincoln, JFK, John Lennon, MLK. He orchestrates them with the use of the Wishees. Next on the list is... Sonny Shine.

After Orcus breaks everyone out of prison, he drops in at Sonny's estate with an offer: he's going to help him get Amanda and the baby back with the help of all those escaped cons. Great, but what's in it for Orcus? That's when the god of death brings up the whole assassination thing…

The Sax-Hansons try to have a nice family meal – orange juice risotto, yum! – but it soon goes off the rails when Amanda starts cracking up. She needs a fix. But when Nick get the stuff back from Amanda, she flips out. Nick throws the vial down the drain, and Amanda swears to return to Sonny. That's when Nick ties her up in the basement, for her own good.  

Taking a break from subduing Amanda, Nick talks to Happy about his romantic problems with Bo Peep. Everything went great, so Happy thought, so why isn't she calling him? Nick's advice: go sow your wild, imaginary seeds, Happy. But not before you stand watch at the front of the house. Nick then returns to the basement in time to keep Hailey from unlocking her mom's handcuffs and setting her free. That's when all the secrets come out: the kidnapping, the cover-ups. It's too much for Hailey to handle. So she runs away.

Not a good time, because Happy cues us in to some intruders at the house. The escaped cons have bombarded Nick's house. It's showtime. After they barge in, they pin Nick up against a wall, and rescue their damsel in distress Amanda. What ensues is a true battle royale.

Then, in a flashback, we learn that after Sonny surgically experimented on an injured Smoothie (and his eye), the Wishees spoke to him. They communicated Orcus' message to Smoothie, and told him to meet Blue/Orcus in prison. That's when Orcus got Smoothie on board with his plan to... kill Sonny.

And back in the present, after Hailey ran away from her folks, she sought comfort in the very same Smoothie. This is getting... tangled. Happy spots the two together, and rushes back to tell Nick. To say the least, he's not pleased. So he slams a bottle of Stoli, and prepares for all-out war.