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Episode Recap: Blitzkrieg!!!

Who the hell is Dayglo Doug? Sax, Merry & Happy enter a geriatric death trap. Don’t eat the jelly.


Remember that purloined tape from the Sonny Shine estate reveals one Dayglo Doug, dressing up as Hitler, doing the goose step, and Sieg Heil? Well, Sonny doesn't need to say much to give DD the boot. Das boot on das live television.  

After getting the can, double D took a job as a resident comic at an old folks home. His audience has got one foot in the grave, and DD still doesn't manage to kill. ZING! Meanwhile, Merry and Nick drop in to see DD, not so much his act as to get some answers and his help. He's tight-lipped, still afraid of Sonny’s reprisals. But they might be able to offer him protection... and his show back.    

DD's story of how Sonny Shine came to be gets a little derailed when he starts talking about "Wishees," creatures maybe from another planet that can seduce your mind and dress up in those plushy, alien, doll-like costumes. Nick has heard enough of Scientology-lite, and starts poking around the wards.  

Cranking the creep factor to 11 here, Smoothie has been following Hailey around, and slowly ingratiating himself into her company, at the park, outsides school. He's trying to pitch himself as her only real friend in this world, her only real guardian. It's kind of working. And when Sonny pitches his Easter Special to the TV network execs, and, surprise surprise, they all give it two, blackmailed thumbs up.  

After strolling around the old folks home, Nick finds out that it's really an old Nazi folks home. Nick tries to tell this to Merry, but it's too late. The fascists have flooded the building. Nick and Merry are going to have to go tag-team-Allies on this one, and handily dispatch the Nazis.  

And in prison, Blue is having a personality crisis. One minute, he's Blue. The next, he's Orchus, god of death. It's very confusing, so just follow the accent. He doesn’t know if he has much time left as Blue... or Orchus for that matter.  

When Hailey drops by what she thinks is the place her mom still works at, she's up for a rude surprise: she's not there. Hailey's starting to doubt whether the people in her life that say they care about her actually do. The shock nudges her ever more into Smoothie's clutches.  

Merry brings Nick and DD back to her apartment, and shows the latter her web of clues on the Sonny conspiracy. He's impressed. Nick goes to get himself a snack, while DD goes on a Wishee rant. Hankering for some PB&J, Nick gets a jar of oddly colored jelly. Could it be... some of that goo that came out of that thing that Merry shot in the last season? The goo stuff that Nick sticks down his gullet? Then craps out seconds later? Then crawls out of the toilet seconds after that? Then has a fight on the toilet with? Yes, yes, yes, and yes.  

Blue-Orcus drops in on a Russian mafia prison meeting in the prison kitchen, and demonstrates his superhuman strength: by making the leader of the pack cleave away most of his organs in front of everyone else.    And Hailey confronts her mom on all the lies she's been slinging. Amanda doubles down, and Hailey starts thinking about Smoothie.