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Episode Recap: Pervapalozza

Meet Janet, you ape. Happy moves way past the (imaginary) Friend Zone. Sax and Merry get slimy.


So this week's episode of Happy! begins with a plushy pulverizing. Merry, dressed in a Wishee costume, confronts what she thinks is one of those alien Wishees, and shoots it in the a$$. What she doesn't know is that it's actually Sax inside that Wishee costume, and that she just shot Sax in the a$$. Mistakes happen people, it's how we move on that matters.

Nick had by then come down from his hours-long hallucination just in time to slip into the Wishee costume and try to escape Shine Tower when Merry shot him in the a$$. The two of them pair up to perform an unauthorized autopsy on whatever a Wishee actually is, but when they start to saw it open, it runs away.

Meanwhile, Sonny's goons lock Amanda up in a colorful, if inescapable, cell, where she is met by the Shine man himself. And the Wishees. Amanda wants answers. Sonny wants answers. But looks like the Wishees are the only ones who got some. And one of those answers is a surprise: Amanda is pregnant. Say what?! To keep her dosed until her next hankering, Sonny gives Amanda a vial of the addictive Wishee secretion. She gets her fix, and gets out of there.  

While chasing down the escaped Wishee, Merry and Sax run into Le Dic, who tips Nick off to a hit on his head: The Bug wants him dead. The Bug...?  Oh yeah. Sonny Shine in the Bug costume. Well, that’s news indeed.

At the penitentiary, the warden invites Blue (or Orcus) in for a little heart-to-heart. He's seen how Blue's managed to quell the infighting amongst the inmates, and that's a problem: a little mayhem helps the guards keep the peace. So the warden wants Blue to put an end to the amnesty. Capiche?  

Also, Happy and Bo Peep are at Nick's pad, getting to know each other a little better. He tells her all about how he was able to "jump friends" from Hailey to Nick, and she tells him all about the birds and the bees. Then she tells him about sex. Then they have sex.

Nick breaks away from the Wishees to take his daughter out for a birthday... plate of french fries. She gives him a chance to redo her birthday, but he says he's too busy today. So she skips out on him when the birthday cake and singing waiter caravan arrives, and Smoothie takes her. The two reminisce about old times, and how happy it would make each of them to kill the other. But Smoothie threatens Hailey, and that's more than Nick can bear. He'd rip out Smoothie's throat right then and there if Hailey weren't taking so long in the bathroom.

He runs into the bathroom to check in on Hailey, scares the crap out of her, and then drops his daughter off at his mother's place. The two have never met before, and probably for good reason. Janet is a foul-mouthed, boozing, unusual character – definitely her son's mother.   Hailey and Janet become fast friends, mostly because Hailey can mix a mean gin and tonic.

And Amanda wants a second opinion on her pregnancy status (a costumed extraterrestrial isn't necessarily qualified as an OBGYN), so she goes to a faith-based pregnancy clinic. Why? Who knows. Abortion is not an option. Dismayed and freaking out, Amanda resorts to the vial Sonny gave her for a little pick-me-up. It works dangerously fast, and helps her relive the bliss she felt at the orgy in Shine Tower.  

After Janet passes out drunk, Hailey sneaks off to the mall to hang out with Smoothie. He destroys whatever little innocence and naivete Hailey had left in her, turning her into a cold-hearted, pitiless machine. And remember when Blue asked Pink to kill him, and so stop Orcus's reign? Well... he certainly tries.  

And Nick crashes one of Sonny's costumed rave / orgies in order to kill him, when he's surprised by one of the guests: Amanda. That was unexpected.