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Episode Recap: Tallahassee

Hailey spends a day with dad. These mitzvahs are murder.

Can we believe our eyes?! Because Nick can't. He's having nightmares about harvesting dead guys for their organs to make ends meet. Such are the wages of actually harvesting dead guys for their organs to make ends meet. 

Nick is tasked by Amanda with looking after Hailey for a whole day, something he's never done before. And what's the first thing she does? Open the fridge and spot all the bloody, chilling organs. Nick didn't even properly tupperware them. Time to play How to Scar a Child for Life in a Single Day.

And Sonny Shines' rebranding ploy is already paying dividends. His stunts (or should we just call them terrorist attacks?) have been interpreted by the yellow press as an assault on Easter. That means it's time for Sonny and his bandwagon to come to town.

Meanwhile, Blue is thinking about taking a plea deal, which would get his possessed ass out of prison and into a Witness Protection program in Wyoming (ex-gangster's paradise), but it means he's got to sing like a canary. His lawyer warns against it. Blue doesn't care.  

Smoothie is up to his old hijinks again, and has flayed all of Scooter Sterlin's skin from his body, trellessed him up in some swanky leather chaps and chains, and slipped on some deadly stilletos. And then the fun starts.    

Running out of kid-friendly fun options, Nick takes Hailey to the satellite betting depot where they can bet imaginary bucks on real horseys. Hailey shows a preternatural knack for it, and Nick thinks he can parlay his little Rain Daughter's genius into real cash. First, he needs the ante, and Hailey's got 40 large she got from Amanda. When her mom calls, Hailey tells her that they're at Coney Island. Watch out, Hailey, the road to perdition is a one way street!  

Why was Blue's lawyer so apprehensive about him taking the plea deal? Because Blue's lawyer is also working for Sonny Shines, who wants the kingpin dead. So the lawyer arranges the hit.

When Hailey's horse loses, Nick erupts and wants to double down. On the horse. But he also kind of doubles down on being a bad dad, and yells at Hailey when she doesn't fork over more cash. She bolts. Faster than the horse she bet on, incidentally.  

While chasing down Hailey, Nick bumps into the son of the old man who was supposed to get a kidney transplant in the warehouse the other day. They found another match, and they want Nick to make the pick up and drop off. He can't turn it down.  

The address given to Nick takes him to the house of a man named Saul. When he asks for "the package", Saul points to it: it's his own kidney. Looks like this was a set up.  Nick gives his contact a call just to straighten things out. After some clarification, Nick gets to work.

Merry intercepts Blue's lawyer, and tortures him until he spills on what he's doing at Shines Tower. Sonny blackmails everyone within a 100 mile radius of his operations with videotapes of them confessing their most depraved desires. Merry wants to see those tapes.  

It's about time for Nick to make that drop off. He leaves Hailey in his idling car while he heads in to the bingo hall he's been sent to. Of course, when Nick finally does make the drop off, the box doesn't have a kidney in it, but an explosive. It acts as a diversion as Nick proceeds to vanquish the client.

Nick returns to the car, scraped up, and Hailey asks what all the noise was. He can't bear to tell her. She knows he's lying, and she's hurt. But in all fairness, he's in a double-bind: tell her the truth, and traumatize her; tell her a lie, and she'll hold it against him for life.  

Upon dropping Hailey off, Nick gets to meet the guy that Amanda hung out with all day, Simon, whom she met at the department store while she was picking up some Easter decorations. They used to go steady, and now they're both single and ready to mingle. What a great ending to an awesome day in the life of Nick Sax.

In other news, Amanda is starting to lose her damn mind, which you can chalk up to PTSSD (Post Traumatic Sonny Shines Disorder). And the hit that Sonny put on Blue takes effect.