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Episode Recap: The War on Easter

Sax is clean...ish... but somehow the filth just seems to find him.


Happy is back, and more absurd than ever! We waste no time getting right into the good stuff: a clutch of ambivalent nuns is ready to commit ritual suicide by TNT in the middle of downtown Manhattan. One errant nun runs off and finds a detonator inside an Easter egg inside a trash can, and starts blowing up her sisters. It's absolute nun-sense. She's picked up by the cops and interrogated and confesses: a man in a black leather bunny suit told her and the sisters that the detonator would kill the person closest to it. She thought she was doing the others a blessing.

In lay news, Nick is trying to go sober. And it's sort of working, in no small part because of Happy's constant reminders. He's even become an OK dad and picks up Hailey from school. But for how much longer? Because Hailey's been kicked out due to violent and abusive behavior and recommended to a Catholic girl's school. Nick breaks the news to Amanda, who's still traumatized from her own encounters with Sonny Shines last season, and she takes it surprisingly well.  

Speaking of Catholics, and Sonny Shines encounters... Sonny Shines has dropped in at the Vatican (looking like he just dropped acid at the Vatican) and is trying to sell the Pope on his new scheme to re-brand Easter. Soft-boiled eggs?

And Blue, possessed and in prison, is having some weird, Spawn-esque nightmares. He's visited by Isabella and a nun (it's like three nuns per person in this episode) and is told that the god of death Orcus leapt into his body when Mikey whispered "the secret" into his ear. Orcus has been body-hopping throughout the Scaramucci genealogy since forever, and his next mark is Isabella. But the nun puts an end to that: she stabs Isabella to death with her quilting needles. That needled has been threaded for the last time.  

In another side of town, crooked non-profit president Scooter Sterling is lured by a young woman in a short skirt into a trap and is picked up by bunny-suit-man – the same one who coerced the nuns into mass suicide.

And some more updates: Merry has become a realtor! And she'd be really successful at it too, if Nick weren't stalking all the houses she shows. He wants to borrow a place for when he has custody of Hailey. That kind of makes his bizarre behavior seem sort of... redeeming. Merry and Nick chat about the recent past, and both profess to be over it. But you know they ain't! While the adults are chit-chatting, Happy meanders to the bathroom and discovers he's going through puberty.

And Nick, who's driving a cab now, picks up this scuzzball. Said scuzzball is prepared to pay $1000 for a new date for the evening. Nick, short on cash, thinks he can hook it up. So he picks up one of his sex worker friends, and brings her to a warehouse with a roomful of diverse clientele. They want her to get dressed in a hospital gown. Then she's asked about her blood type. It doesn't take long before Happy and Nick realize they've gathered to harvest the prostitute's blood and organs and pump them into some old guy. Nick, despite his oaths to not kill people any more, kills everyone in the room. Easy slip-up. But, consolation prize: he gets to keep the spilled guts of those he subdued. To Nick the victor go the spoils.   

Oh, and who is the man in black leather with the bunnie ears? It's Smoothie! The eunuch! And he's working for Sonny Shines. The company he keeps. Till next week.