A Tale of Two Audreys

When we last saw FBI Special Agent Audrey Parker she and her partner, local cop Nathan Wournous, were locked in a standoff with a woman claiming to be the real Special Agent Audrey Parker. 

In the season two premiere of Haven, we find Audrey and Nathan pointing their guns at a very convincing Audrey impersonator.  While the three of them try to get past their suspicions without shooting each other, Reverend Driscoll has called a meeting with Duke Crocker to form an alliance of some sort.

Duke certainly doesn't trust Rev. Driscoll but it doesn't matter because the screams of a nearby child interrupt their conversation.  Duke runs over to discover that the child's arm is covered in blood.  Not only are there rivers of blood streaming down the street there is also blood coming out of the Good Shepherd Church's sprinkler system.

Meanwhile, Nathan and Audrey have handcuffed Audrey #2 and are attempting to make sense of it all, when a torrential downpour of frogs catches them by surprise.  As soon as the strange rain shower passes, another odd occurrence manifests: a swarm of gnats so dense that it causes a traffic accident.

With Nathan taking care of traffic, Audrey could use a helping hand so, after a moment's hesitation, she un-cuffs Audrey #2 and the two of them work together to save a motorist's life.  Tragedy averted, our Audrey calls her boss, Special Agent Howard, to see if he's been in touch with Audrey #2—no such luck.  All is not lost though, because when Duke shows up with the news of blood over at the Good Shepherd Church, Audrey and Nathan realize that the ten biblical plagues are being visited on Haven. The question is why.

After following clues all round town (and coming to trust Audrey #2) the answer finally comes when Nathan and the two Audreys catch up with TJ, a "troubled" young man who hopes to kill himself before the ten plagues can take his first-born baby boy away from him.  But after asking the right questions Audrey is able to deduce that TJ's special power is the passive ability to manifest whatever he reads about.  Since he read about the ten plagues from the book of Exodus earlier in the day, he is somehow making those plagues manifest.  Thankfully, Audrey is able to hand him a children's book before the sequence of plagues kills all the first-born sons, including Nathan.

With the immediate danger behind them, the two Audreys wait for Special Agent Howard, to arrive and sort things out.  In the interim they discover that they truly have shared memories—even of a youthful act of violence that neither of them have ever told anyone about before.  Something significant is going on here and the two of them vow to figure it out together.  Later, when Special Agent Howard does show up, Audrey is horrified to find that this Agent Howard is a completely different person from the man she knows.

Duke, meanwhile, has problems of his own.  Somehow Evidence Ryan, his con artist of an ex-wife, has found him and she has no intention of leaving town until she figures out what angle Duke is running.  Later, while he grapples with the events taking place in his own life, Duke helps Nathan bury his father.