Business As Usual

Reggie is enjoying the exercise of the local 10K race when his body starts overheating and, just like that, he shrivels up and dies. When Audrey and Nathan show up, they overhear an argument and find Patrick, a local lawyer, yelling at a man named Stu.

When the police station gets called about yet another dried up body, Stu's name comes up again. Thinking that Stu might be the killer, Audrey and Nathan head to his house only to find that Stu has been kidnapped along with a list of all the "troubled" Haven citizens. Stu's wife gives Audrey and Nathan clues that lead them back to Patrick, who stonewalls them.

Despite tension with Nathan, Audrey pursues Patrick by any means necessary and finds that Patrick did indeed kidnap Stu and attempt to burn him alive. Patrick wants to kill Stu because he is "troubled"—in fact, it was Stu's sweat that killed Reggie. With Stu and his wife on their way out of town, Audrey and Nathan can turn their attention to other matters: Like finding Lucy Ripley, the woman whom Audrey so closely resembles.

At the address Nathan gives her, Audrey doesn't find Lucy but she does find a woman with an interesting story to tell: Apparently Audrey herself spoke to the woman twenty-seven years prior and told her that someone was chasing her: Duke's father.

As Duke packs up Evi's things to send to her mother, he finds the same ornate box that he and Evi sold months ago. Looks like Evi reacquired it and left it for Duke. Inside, Evi's note directs Duke to hold the box under a dark light where he sees the name "Crocker" etched into it. He seeks out Dave and Vince for advice. Dave agrees to help, while Vice asks Dwight to steal the box back. Both curious about what the box might be, Duke and Dwight call a truce and decide to work together … at least for now. After a bit of sleuthing, they discover that Duke's father arranged for Duke to win the boat where he lives and that a second metal box is hidden on the ship somewhere.

Duke and Dwight find the chest and are just unearthing its contents when Audrey shows up.  Dwight uses the distraction to swipe the chest but Duke catches him and cuts him with a knife from the chest. After a drop of blood soaks into Duke's hand he is imbued with super human strength and tosses Dwight off the ship and into the sea. As Audrey and Duke explore the contents of the box, they find a note written by Duke's father telling him to kill Audrey. But how did he even who Audrey was?

When the meeting of "troubled" Haven citizens takes place at Dave and Vince's office, Nathan decides to attend—not as a police officer, but as a concerned citizen who happens to be "troubled" himself. Seems like trouble is brewing between the regular citizens of Haven and the "troubled" ones.