Double Jeopardy

It's Homecoming Week in Haven and everything is copasetic until a man with perverted tastes end up with his eyes removed. The only clue points to a ghostly woman in a white dress—the same woman who vandalizes Duke's car and attacks him at the Grey Gull.

The ghost seems to be punishing townspeople based on the crimes they were accused of in court. Since Duke seems to be at the top of her list, Audrey invites Duke to spend the night at her place so she can catch the woman in white. The ploy works, but when the Lady Justice ghost shows up, neither Audrey nor Duke are a match for her.

After a quick meeting with Vince and Dave, Audrey learns that Lady Justice is a golem—an indestructible entity that must be serving the wishes of someone in town.  The question is who. Audrey thinks that it must be Judge Boone until he himself ends up dead. 

Duke and Audrey pore over the courts records and find one consistency: Lynette the court reporter. She must be the troubled person who activated Lady Justice.  When they confront Lynette she's doubtful so Duke baits her by confessing to a murder. Sure enough, Lady Justice shows up immediately but Audrey talks Lynette down. In the process, however, Lynette blames herself and Lady Justice drags her into the painting she sprang from.

Elsewhere, Nathan makes progress trying to infiltrate The Guard but at a high cost: The transfer of a prisoner out of Shawshank to a minimum security facility. Unfortunately, the transfer is just a ruse for The Guard to stage a prison break. Nathan helps, but only to secure their trust so that he, in turn, can help Audrey.

Later, Nathan visits Jordan to ask why she lied to him and finds out that The Guard moved the prisoner so that he wouldn't accidentally hurt people at Shawshank with his "trouble." Nathan feels better about the cover up and even makes a move on Jordan, but is he doing it because he wants to, or is he just trying to gain her trust?

Audrey eventually opens up to Dr. Callahan about her repressed memories and how she's scared to have any more. The two of them try to create a composite of the Colorado Kid but, in the process, Audrey figures out that the Bolt Gun Killer might actually be assembling a woman made out of his grizzly trophies.

Meanwhile, Tommy spends his time locking up Duke for assault, protecting high school kids from Lady Justice and avoiding Duke's probing questions about his past.