Someone once said that all good things must come to an end and Haven is no exception. With a heart full of gratitude, for you, the fans, here goes the final recap of Haven

As a storm looms over Haven, Nathan and clone Audrey are still at the diner in Cleaves Mills trying to figure out who they are, where they came from and where they should go next.

Meanwhile, back at the police station in Haven the real Audrey Parker is mourning the lose of Nathan and everyone else she once knew when she gets a call from Vince who tattles on Dwight. Dwight is about to give Croatoan the crystal so that he can keep his daughter, Lizzie, who Croatoan resurrected. Audrey has Vince search his programming – he can do that king of thing now that he's a form of Artificial Intelligence – to see if there are any clues as to why Croatoan might still want the crystal when he already seems so powerful. Turns out, Croatoan wants the device because he knows it can still be used to send him and the Troubles into The Void, forever! With this information, Audrey and Vince have a new mission –stop Dwight from handing over the crystal to the big bad Croatoan, by any means necessary.  

And speaking of Dwight, he comes barreling through town amid a hail of The Guard's gunfire. Dwight jumps out of his car, runs into the woods and heads for the old armory; all while The Guard continue to shoot at him. Meanwhile Audrey is back at the not-so-safe house telling Croatoan that the people in town are willing to kill Dwight rather than let him deliver the crystal. Alarmed by this news, Croatoan teleports himself and Audrey to the armory so that he can intercept the shootout, to save the crystal- not Dwight. With a wave of his hand, Croatoan sends McHugh and the rest of the angry mob into Haven harbor. Here's hoping they can swim!

With Dwight, Audrey and Croatoan all in place at the armory Dwight is about to hand over the crystal when there's a plot twist! Vince teleports in and Dwight tosses him the crystal (we always knew he wouldn't turn his back on Haven and we appreciate the dramatic Guard ruse they used to trick Croatoan). With the crystal in hand, the armory turns into the new Barn. Croatoan seems trapped but then Vince starts to fade because the person powering The Barn –in this case it's Croatoan- has to do so voluntarily. **Face Palm** Off this revelation, Vince fades and so does the new Barn and suddenly everyone's back inside the armory. Ugh! Then, a super angry (but isn't he always, though?) Croatoan picks up the crystal, waves his hand and makes Dwight vanish. Croatoan manipulates the storm cloud by doing something like a magic spell with his fingers, which makes a flurry of Troubles start to spill out on Haven. Desperate to make him stop, Audrey strikes a deal: to spare Haven, she asks Croatoan to put all the aether from the cloud inside of her body. Also, she agrees to be the evil daughter Croatoan wants her to be. Annnnd also, she promises to create whatever Trouble weapons Croatoan dreams up so that they can punish all the people who banished him to The Void.

It all seems pretty bleak with us losing our girl Audrey to her evil father's will, while on the other side of town Dwight wakes up on the shore of Haven harbor with Duke – yes, Duke! – standing near by. The ghost of Crocker past has come to help save his friends. Paranormal Duke is dressed well and is as smug as we remember him and only communicates telepathically. Good to see you again, Duke!

Meanwhile on the outskirts of town, Nathan and clone Audrey are parked on the side of the road because Nathan can't shake the feeling that he belongs some place else. Off his insistence, clone Audrey's memories start flooding back to her and she makes the ultimate sacrifice – her life – to walk Nathan back through the fog. Once Nathan is in Haven, his full recollection of the town and Audrey comes back to him, while clone Audrey fades.

Standing at the perimeter of the fog, Dwight and ghost Duke – who Nathan can't see – tell Nathan to go save Audrey. Just as Audrey is making her evil dad proud by taking the aether into her body, Nathan rushes in and thwarts Croatoan's plans. Livid, Croatoan throws an aether bolt that kills Nathan. At this point, Audrey has HAD it with her dad and says some awful things that finally knock some sense and sensitivity into him. He freezes Audrey in place, walks over to Nathan and resurrects him. We know— we were shocked too! He then unfreezes Audrey, agrees to willingly power The Barn and get the hell out of Haven, leaving Audrey and Nathan alone. We get really excited because things FINALLY seem like they're going to work out for the best and everyone's going to live happily ever after – but then we realize that we're only 30 minutes into the episode at this point, which gives enough time for something terrible to happen. And our worst fears come true when Vince teleports in with the bad news that in order for The Barn to be fully functional, it needs a catalyst of love– Audrey. This time, if Audrey goes inside The Barn with her dad she can activate the aether within him, stop the flood gate of The Void/Trouble storm cloud that's currently open and stop the 27 year cycle – the Troubles would be gone forever. Audrey and Nathan both know that inevitably, their time together has come to an end.

After a tearful goodbye Audrey, Croatoan and Vince prepare for their fates as the armory turns into The Barn and collapses while Nathan tearfully looks on. Earlier, when saying his goodbyes to her, Nathan sums up how we feel about Audrey and Haven in the most beautiful way: "You'll be with me every time I feel something. You'll be with me in all the people's pain you've taken away. You'll be in all the people of this town who are free to live and love and grow …without fear." As Nathan eulogizes her, the Troubles are lifted from people throughout Haven and around the world. Even Jason Priestley, who played Audrey's boyfriend for a few Season 2 episodes, makes a brief appearance!

A month later, Haven has returned back to the idyllic town it once was. Nathan and Stan are back at the police station fielding calls from locals to save cats from trees. Yep, idyllic. Lavern is no longer a poltergeist Trouble and we finally get to see her walking around, happy and in corporal form. Gloria and intern Vicki happily report that there's not a single trace of the Trouble gene to be found within anyone's DNA in town. 

As Nathan, who's still mourning Audrey, heads out to join Dwight, he finds a young woman and her baby in a stalled car on the side of the road. The young woman, Paige, bears a striking resemblance to none other than Audrey Parker. Nathan is totally freaking out in great ways that he gets to have Audrey – sorta – again. Paige, who's a bit of a klutz accidentally, slams Nathan's hand in her car door, but this time he feels it. She offers to make it up to him, so she, her son James (yes, as in James, the name of Audrey and Nathan's son!) head out to breakfast in Nathan's Bronco. And if this is all sounding romantically reminiscent of the first time Audrey and Nathan met in Episode 1, then you're right. Relive the magic of that moment here.

As the two drive off with baby James in tow, destined to fall in love all over again, Croatoan and Vince watch over them, approvingly, from front row seats of The Barn— an unlikely duo united by the common goal of eternally safeguarding Haven.