The Old Switcheroo, Part 2

Previously, when Nathan and Duke switched bodies, Nathan was attempting to question Jeffrey Doohan at "The Freddie" (A.K.A. the Murray Q. Frederickson Psychiatric Facility). Since Duke isn't much on police procedure, Jeffrey Doohan escaped the facility and is still at large.

This turns out to be a big deal, once everyone realizes that the Doohan family must be the source of the body switching Trouble. In Mateo, North Carolina, Vince and Dave decide to talk to Jeffrey's sister-in-law, while, back in Haven, "Gloria" (Dwight) and "Nathan" (Duke) focus on trying to locate Jeffrey.

In Mateo, Vince and Dave learn that Jeffrey's sister-in-law has some secrets. She tells them that Jeffrey, the man who just escaped from the Freddie, is actually Skip Doohan, her husband. Skip and Jeffrey traded places many years ago when the two of them got into a fight over her. Up until now, the Doohan brothers had only switched places with each other but now they are the ones responsible for all the current body switches.

Back in Haven, it seems that the Haven Police Department isn't the only one interested in the Doohan's Trouble. Mara takes advantage of being dressed like Audrey long enough to outsmart Nathan and Duke and kidnap Jeffrey. She plans on holding Jeffrey in order to keep the body switching Trouble active. If Duke is allowed to return to his body, he plans to let out a reincarnation Trouble and Mara can't run the risk of it working on her. Thankfully, Mara kidnapped Jeffrey in Gloria's car, which is equipped with a traceable GPS system. Once Mara and Jeffrey are recaptured, it's up to Vince and Dave to get Skip back to Haven in order to reverse the Trouble.

It takes some doing but, eventually, Vince and Dave convince "Skip" to come back home with them. Of course, he's fearful that his brother will hate him for taking his wife and institutionalizing him but he need not worry, "Jeffrey" has had lots of time to think and he only wants to make peace.

Once Skip and Jeffrey reunite, all the body switching is reversed and everyone finds themselves back inside their own bodies. This is bad news for Mara, since Duke wastes no time releasing the reincarnation Trouble to reduce the pressure building up in his body.

The gamble works. Not only does Duke feel better physically, the reincarnation Trouble affects Mara in a very unexpected way: it splits her and Audrey into two different people!