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Episode Recap: Bunker Soldier

The ETU closes in on the Hunters' leader but the raid to capture him could cost Flynn and Regan everything.


In Romania circa 1980, a Native Form Hunter gives a poor farmer one of those infamous homemade spinal taps, enters a spaceship, and emerges looking just like his victim. Over the next five years, he obsessively tries to reach other Hunters via his radio but remains isolated and seemingly alone. One day, as he prepares to kill himself out of sheer existential despair, another Hunter finally responds to his call, saying that 'the others' have been waiting for his arrival. Guess he's not the only Hunter in town after all!

This is, of course, the head honcho Hunter we'll come to know as Brother Number Four.

Flash-forward to 1989, where Brother Number Four is meeting with his fellow Hunters. His second-in-command says that they've aided the Romanian revolution long enough without receiving many benefits; now it's time to use their ally in the CIA see what Russia can offer them. One Hunter enthusiastically agrees, and Brother Number Four crushes his head. He refuses to align with the Russians (it's the '80s, after all), as they must fight for themselves.

Just then, Brother Number Four's CIA contact knocks at the door. It's Jackson! Whoa.

Back in the present day, Jackson informs the ETU gang that the laundered Hunter money has been going to Sharif Amari, the warden of a prison in Turkey (yes, a 'Turkish prison,' for all you Airplane! fans out there). Jackson sends the team to apprehend him, hoping that he'll lead to Brother Number Four.

Flynn, Regan and Briggs arrive at Amari's apartment in Turkey, where he's in the middle of some quality time with his mistress. They try to get him to reveal Brother Number Four's whereabouts, but Amari isn't talking (for now). Regan sees a patch with crossed swords on Amari's jacket, which is the emblem of the prison he runs ... and similar to the symbol she's seen in the last few episodes when deciphering codes about Brother Number Four. Indeed, Brother Number Four is the honored guest of Amari's maximum security big house!

As Flynn and Briggs continue to violently interrogate Amari, he finally admits that the laundered money is going to a dude named 'Musa Wazari.' Claiming to be a Romanian freedom fighter, Musa sought sanctuary in his prison ... and soon became 'the Devil,' murdering prisoners and, of course, performing homemade spinal taps. Flynn plans to call Jackson with this new intel, but Regan warns him that doing so will alert the mole. Briggs ignores Regan's advice and calls Jackson, which pisses her off. Briggs tells Flynn that Regan is the mole ... and he thinks she'll reveal herself during the prison ambush.

Jackson has Jules run Musa's name and proclaims that Brother Number Four has been found. He returns to his office, distressed that the number-one Hunter terrorist on his wanted list happens to be his old CIA asset ...

We flash back again to Romania 1989, where Jackson delivers weapons to Musa, thinking that he's helping Romanian freedom fighters with their struggle. He encourages Musa to join the CIA and go after the Russians, though Musa refuses, saying that his work lies with his people. Jackson assures him that the CIA supports his cause.

Back in the present day, Jackson is devastated that he has only now realized that the ETU armed and funded a budding terrorist organization (and one from outer space, at that). Finnerman argues that they helped overturn an oppressive regime and that the group's subsequent actions aren't ETU's problem. She's a tough one, that Finnerman.

Meanwhile, Briggs, Regan and Flynn release all of the inmates in Amari's prison to distract the guards from Brother Number Four's quarters as Musa summons Amari and gouges out all of his facial features for betraying him. Jules and Jackson watch all of the action on a web cam, preparing to unleash drone weaponry ... which will result in at least 200 human casualties. The team better get out soon!

Amidst the epic chaos of the prison riot, Regan manages to make it to Musa's quarters, where he quickly disarms her. Musa immediately begins trying to get Regan to join her fellow Hunters, telling her that he hasn't seen her since she was very young. Nothing's easy with poor Regan.

Jackson aborts the drone attack and orders his team to get out, but Flynn wants to find Regan. Then … no! He and Briggs look up to see her staring down at them from a helicopter ... accompanied by Brother Number Four! Is she his prisoner ... or has she betrayed the ETU?